Wednesday, March 21, 2012


Whether or not the international community ultimately conducts an independent investigation into war crimes committed during the final battles, in 2009, conducted by the Sri Lanka military against the LTTE Tamil Tigers, do not forget these facts:

(1) Although the Tamil Tigers were soundly defeated on the battlefield, their overseas financial structure remains largely intact. It was created over a period of 25 years. Do not expect it to go quietly into the night.

(2) It was this financial arm that "borrowed" and extorted money from wealthy Tamil expats worldwide for decades, and then used those funds to purchase weapons for the designated global terrorist organisation.

(3) The Tamil diaspora is widespread, notably in Canada, and remains vulnerable to Tamil finance agents to this day. Do not believe for a minute that they have retired; their organisation, which some authorities claim has attained cult status, goes on.

(4) I understand that human rights issues from the conflict exist, do not become complacent because celebrities are supporting an investigation. continue to be vigilant when  it comes to unexplained funds movement coming from affluent Tamil bank clients or Tamil-owned businesses.

Remember, it wasn't Al-Qaeda or Hamas that invented the modern suicide bomber; it was the Tamil Tigers who first employed them, as part of an asymmetrical terrorist operation. They still pose a serious threat; take heed.

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