Wednesday, March 7, 2012


On 7 February, Antigua's High Court denied the extradition appeal of former director of the Financial Services Regulatory Commission, Leroy King. Unfortunately. the country's Prime Minister, Baldwin Spencer, has not signed the order. Frankly, he has run out of excuses; Stanford was convicted this week after a jury trial. It is rumoured that King will name high-ranking present and former governmental officials, who allegedly took money and favours from Stanford. 

King, who faces a multiplicity of federal charges, including Money Laundering, Wire Fraud and Securities Fraud, needs to face justice for his offences. Considering that victims of Stanford's Ponzi scheme have threatened to initiate a boycott of Antigua, that tourist-oriented island nation should move, forthwith, to extradite its obviously corrupt former civil servant; The US asked for him in 2009. I have been to Antigua since the fall of Sir Allen, whose knighthood has now been revoked by Antigua, and it can ill afford to be blacklisted by any group who could potentially wreck its economy.

Mr. Prime Minister, kindly discharge your duty, and turn Mr. King over to face justice for his corrupt behaviour. 

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