Friday, December 2, 2011


The bookkeeper uncle of convicted Fort Lauderdale attorney/Ponzi schemer Scott Rothstein, who helped perpetrate the massive fraud by preparing bogus trust account bank statements of the law firm, and an administrative assistant who supervised illegal campaign contributions calculated to obtain political influence for Rothstein, were both charged in US District Court with conspiracy yesterday.

Criminal Informations were filed against William Boockvor* and Marybeth Feiss** in Federal Court in Fort Lauderdale yesterday. The details:

(1) Boockvor actually placed his falsified bank statements in genuine bank envelopes, which were presented to new investors. One incident had him creating a non-existent $20m account, which was used to lure in $10m in new money.

(2) Feiss had law firm partners make political contributions in their own names, though they were essentially Rothstein's. They were later reimbursed through payments shown as law firm bonuses and other compensation.

These new charges, filed long after Rothstein was sent to prison to serve his 50-year sentence for operating a massive Ponzi scheme, disguised as a lucrative investment programme relying upon the participation of court settlements, indicate an ongoing investigation of all those involved.

*United States vs. Boockvor,  Case No: 11-cr-60281-DTKH (SD FL).
**United States vs. Feiss, Case No.: 11-cr-60282-KAM (SD FL).

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