Thursday, December 15, 2011

National Bulk Cash Smuggling Centre Expands

The ICE National Bulk Cash Smuggling Centre, located in Williston, Vermont, has expanded to larger quarters, and has added additional staff. Since it opened in 2009, the BCSC has been responsible for 270 arrests, and the seizure of over $170m in cash. We have previously discussed the importance of this law enforcement unit, whose Chief is Joseph Burke.

Remember, experienced money launderers working for narcotics traffickers do not always keep criminal profits in cash form at all times. They know that a successful transcontinental or international wire transfer, not identified and interdicted by compliance officers, can be later withdrawn in cash prior to exiting the Continental United States. Always check requests for large cash withdrawals, and ensure that it is for a valid business purpose, consistent with the client's lines of business, and account history. If not, take a hard look at the transaction.

If you have information on what you believe is an instance of bulk cash smuggling, you can report it by completing this form:

For further information, visit:

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