Sunday, December 11, 2011


Former Panamanian General Manuel Antonio Noriega is presently on board an Iberia airliner, on his way back to Panama, and facing imprisonment there for his conviction in absentia for two murders committed whilst he was serving as President of Panama, more than two decades ago. His extradition was recently approved by the government in France,  where he was serving a seven year sentence for money laundering.

Noriega, who is now in the custody of Panamanian officials, including a doctor, left Orly Airport in Paris early today, bound for Panama, via a stop in Madrid. He will reportedly be held in El Renacer Prison upon arrival. Whether his return to Panama will destabilize the country is a question in the minds of many in the financial service industry; compliance officers involved with the assessment of country risk will be closely monitoring the situation this week.

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