Wednesday, December 14, 2011


There are instances where even Enhanced Due Diligence is insufficient. especially where Source of Funds, or absolute identification of Beneficial Ownership is a mandatory component of your investigation. Some instances where this is the case:

(1)  Immigrant Investor Programmes. where government agencies require strict verification of Source of Funds information.

(2) Taking on a new business partner, mergers & acquisitions, and other complex transactions.

(3) Investing in the developing world, where a Western investor is taking a minority share in a local company. You do not want to be associated with someone who i a liability

There simply is no commercially available source of what I can only designate as Enhanced Due Diligence Plus, and it is sorely needed. Where would one go for such business intelligence ? Probably the larger private investigative firms, but they do not always have asset in the specific area you need.

There is a real gap here; I wonder when someone will devise a solution ?

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