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Sunday, December 11, 2011


A man who attempted to smuggle $284,930 out of the United States, hidden inside the spare tire mounted underneath his vehicle, was sentenced this wee, in US District Court* in Arizona, to serve 41 months in Federal Prison, followed by three years of Supervised Release. he had attempted to leave the US at the frontier crossing in Douglas, Arizona.

He was arrested in 2010, and held in Pretrial Detention, after the Court found that there was a serious risk he would not appear for trial.

Adam Currasco, age 48, had a number of prior problems with the law:

(1) A felony narcotics case in 1991.
(2) A felony criminal damage case I'm 1984.
(3) An arrest in 2008 got transportation go illegal aliens.
(4) his vehicle was found to have a hidden compartment in 1998.

A final Order of Forfeiture for the funds seized was entered.
*United States vs. Carrasco, Case No.: 10-cr-02352-DCB-BPV (D AZ). 

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