Monday, December 26, 2011


The United Nations has agreed to resettle the members of the  Mujahedin-e Khalq, more commonly known as the MEK, outside Iraq. The MEK, which opposes the present regime in Iran, which is a designated terrorist organisation under US law, has been lobbying extensively to have that designation removed, engaging the services of a number of prominent Americans who are former senior government officials. Reportedly, the UN and Iraq have signed an agreement providing for transfer of MEK members to third countries.

Several American military and government officials were assassinated by the MEK in Iran, during the periods when the Shah was in power, but the present US Administration supports the organisation, due to its opposition posture. The MEK is believed to be behind anti-government attacks on military forces and government facilities in Iran.

 MEK members, who will be transferred from Camp Ashraf in northeastern Iraq to a location near Baghdad International Airport, whilst resettlement arrangements are being made, have been targeted in the past by Iraqi attacks, and it is feared that, after 31 December, such actions will continue, unless they are resettled outside the country.

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