Sunday, December 25, 2011


The US District Judge handling the fraud case of accused $7bn Ponzi schemer R. Allen Stanford* has ruled that he is mentally competent, and fit to stand trial. Stanford's attorneys had argued that he was not able to assist in his own defense, or testify at trial because of a disability, caused by :

(1)  Head injuries suffered during a 2009 prison assault; and
(2) The effects of the powerful anti-anxiety medications he was prescribed at the beating.

The US Attorney argued that he was competent to stand trial, and that he was faking total retrograde amnesia. The government alleged that he had failed all the tests given to him that were designed to detect
efforts to fake memory loss.

The Court found, by a preponderance of the evidence, that Stanford was competent to stand trial, and that he had suffered no brain damage. Trial is presently set for 23 January, though the defence has a motion for continuance pending.
*United States vs. Stanford,  Case No.: 09-cr-0342 (SD TX).

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