Wednesday, May 24, 2023


KADEEM STEPHAN MAYNARD, alleged to be a BVI drug trafficker, and a co-defendant of former BVI Premier ANDREW FAHIE, has notified the US District Court in Miami of his intention to change his plea to guilty, which is most likely bad news for Fahie, as Maynard has previously disclosed that he has incriminating information and evidence against Fahie, who is looking at what will effectively be a life sentence for drug trafficking and money laundering, if he is convicted at trial.

Maynard, alias Blacka, who was charged with one count of drug trafficking and two of money laundering, most likely has arrived at a favorable plea agreement with the US Attorney's Office. Claiming to be "self-employed," the defendant owns both an aircraft and a boat, and is believed to be a career criminal engaged in drug smuggling into and through the British Virgin Islands, as well as narcotics trafficking. His mother, OLEANVINE PICKERING MAYNARD, the BVI Port director, remains in custody, and will be going to trial with Fahie.

While rumors persist that Fahie is negotiating a plea deal with prosecutors, this new development means that Maynard will most likely be a major witness against him at trial, and the audio and videotape evidence, plus testimony by an undercover US law enforcement agent, as well as a Confidential Informant, gives the government a very strong case. 

Why he hasn't pled guilty to date remains a mystery; should he do so, he will be required to implicate all those other corrupt BVI officials with whom he has engaged in the facilitation of drug trafficking. The United Kingdom, which narrowly avoided instituting Direct Rule over the BVI last year, due to rampant corruption, might then proceed to sack all local officials after learning who is dirty in Roadtown, so that may be an issue with Fahie, preventing him from cooperating. If he goes to trial, his sentence could be longer than his life expectancy.


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