Monday, December 12, 2022



                                        YF + Mouthpiece + Corruption = Freedom by COSIMO

The recent ruling, by a judge in the Republic of Malta, excluding incriminating statements made by YORGEN FENECH, one of the primary defendants in case involving the assassination of investigative reporter Daphne Caruana Galizia, when he was seeking a Presidential Pardon for his testimony, appears to be taking the case down a path we are quite familiar with, when observing Malta's corrupt judiciary. 

The case, which has literally been pending for years, will continue on ad infinitum, until a prosecutorial error, deliberately and intentionally made to screw up the case, causes fatal damage to the Government's case, or the judge rules to dismiss, violating every legal principle in the process, or some other untoward event occurs to sabotage the case. One way or the other, he will eventually be freed.

Don't expect that Fenech will ever be convicted of the crime, let alone sentenced. The allegation that he paid over €500,000 to the contract killers who murdered Daphne in cold blood will never be admitted into  evidence, and justice will definitely not, as is normal in Malta's court system, ever be served. The Rule of Law is seldom observed in Malta, especially when the accused is connected to the country's ruling Labour Party, which runs the nation like a traditional Mafia racketeering organisation. Defendant Fenech will, sooner rather than later, frolicking in the surf in Miami, soon enough; you can make book on it,

"Anyone got change for a €500 note? I need party supplies."  by COSIMO

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