Tuesday, December 20, 2022



US District Judge Kathleen Williams has reset the money laundering and narcotics trafficking trial for former BVI Premier ANDREW FAHIE for July, 2023. The defendant was originally scheduled for January 9. The grounds stated, "Ends of Justice" are a boilerplate statement which sometimes provides a hint that the defendant is seeking to make an arrangement where he will cooperate, in exchange for certain benefits, which usually means dismissal of some of the charges, but we have no confirmation that any plead negotiations are taking place. Hew faces 35 years in Federal Prison, and millions of dollars in potential fines.

The issue of identification of the Cooperating Individual, working with American law enforcement, who offered Fahie money to allow northbound cocaine shipments to be covertly stored in the BVI, and then allowed to transit through British Virgin Islands territorial waters with protection from foreign law maritime force, remains a pending defense motion.

Fahie's cooperation offer, which was rumored to have been the subject of a proffer made early on after his arrest, which was said to include the names of senior government officials in Antigua and Barbuda, and which reportedly caused many sleepless nights in the capitals of the East Caribbean states, out of fear that Fahie would incriminate several leaders, to obtain a sentence including only minimal prison time, and a possible sentence reduction after his testimony at the trials of the corrupt EC leaders that he implicates. 

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