Wednesday, December 7, 2022


Readers who recently indicated that they would like to see the original, uncensored version of my autobiography "The Laundry Man," will be pleased to know that I am currently reviewing the handwritten manuscript (back in the day some of the material was judged to be "R" and "X" rated and not suitable for publication for a variety of reasons) and preparing what will turn out to be the Director's Cut of my story.  It contains not only more details about my laundering career, it details what I was advised to delete prior to its 2012 publication, which are colorful parts of that story that take the reader deep inside my thoughts and actions, some of which I need no longer to conceal. When it is ready to be released, you will learn about it here first; I now hold the rights, and this time can control content.

 On another note, those who never read my original blog on World-Check, From a Different Angle, which contained some of my other G-rated laundering experiences not included in the book, and which were edited out of the first edition, it is still online, courtesy of the Internet Archive. With a little searching, you can find one of the weekly articles, and be linked to the others. Go to and type in "". Click on the webpage entries from Summer 2006 to September 2011, to find my blog. At the bottom of a number of blog articles, there are links to the others. Happy hunting. 

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