Thursday, November 24, 2022


Thieves in the Night: Gauci and Hasheminejad caught in the act by the press

Attorneys for former Pilatus Bank executive officer ANTONIELLA GAUCI have arrogantly and improperly filed a motion to intervene in the pending suit filed by the civil society REPUBBLIKA to force Malta's Attorney General Victoria Buttigieg to set aside her nonpublic decision to refrain from prosecuting her, and other officers, notwithstanding the arrest warrants ordered executed by a magistrate in 2021. Gauci held a number of senior positions at the now-shuttered bank, whose charter was revoked by the European Central Bank, including Chief Risk Officer, Accounting Officer and for a portion of the time, Acting Money Laundering Reporting Officer (MLRO).

Gauci's attorneys have requested that they be authorised by the Court to intervene in the proceedings, even though a number of legal experts and observers have opined that not only does she not have proper legal standing to intervene, due to the fact she is a  subject of one of five arrest warrants, her application to intervene may constitute a crime under Maltese law. According to reliable sources within the ruling Labour Party, Gauci, who was known to be privy to secret information regarding the conclusions of the magisterial inquiry, before Repubblika filed this action, and enter into an illegal arrangement with former PM Joseph Muscat and Labour, to keep silent whilst the AG filed the Nolle Prosse to drop the charges against her and others. She allegedly received a large sum of money from Labour to allow her to retire in style. Her actions at Pilatus have rendered her unemployable in the financial services sector, both in Malta as well as abroad, according to our Malta sources.

Gauci was caught red-handed, and filmed by Maltese media, acting with the banks' Iranian owner and chairman of the board of directors, ALI SADR HASHEMINEJAD, removing books and records of the institution in the middle of the night, after the bank's illicit money laundering and corruption activities became public knowledge. She literally ran for her car with the documents, which allegedly included the "smoking gun," (EGRANT) evidence of Michelle Muscat's offshore accounts. The failure of the Police and the Attorney General to arrest her, pursuant to the magisterial order, has further embarrassed Malta within Members the European Union, as a country where official corruption always trumps the Rule of law.

In the event that Gauci's ill-considered petition to intervene, to seek to stop the AG from cancelling the Nolle Prosse, and therefore reinstating her exposure to arrest and prosecution, is granted, she will be subject to cross-examination, and further exposure for arrest for perjury, should she fail to truthfully answer the questions propounded to her. This case has now become a matter of great public interest, in Valletta, as well as in  Brussels.

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