Tuesday, November 15, 2022


The US Attorneys Office in Miami (SDFL) has made what it entitled its Second Response, regarding Discovery, in former BVI Premier Andrew Fahie's money laundering and drug trafficking case.Readers who are closely following this case know that a Superseding Indictment against Fahie was recently filed, bringing with it a new Racketeering charge, possibly to compel him to fully cooperate, or enter into a plea agreement without further delay.  See United States files Superseding Indictment Against former BVI leader Andrew Fahie, adds RICO Count, November 12, 2022.

Apparently, there have been transcripts made of the incriminating audio recordings, reportedly where Fahie participates in the corrupt arrangement to allow narcotics shipments en route to the Continental United States,to be stored and to be allowed to pass through BVI maritime territorial waters under local protection supplied by Fahie's crew. those transcripts, together with video tapes have been supplied to defence counsel, according to the Response.

Given that the US Attorney specifically notes that his office is fully cognizant of its Due Process obligations under Brady (failure to disclose of exculpatory information), Giglio ( information about the credibility of witnesses0, and Napue ( Government eliciting false testimony ands failure to correct), there appears to be a concerted effort to insure that no actions that might lead to reversible error will occur. It is so rare that the US tries a leader of a foreign government, (e.g. Panama, Turks & Caicos) that we are sure there is enhanced supervision of the frontline prosecutors.


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