Friday, January 28, 2022


Muscat's Dark Future by COSIMO

The next election is more important than the election held in 1987.
A Nationalist government must not only sort out the financial aspect of our economy.
It has the most important task ahead, the total reconstruction of Malta's democracy.
Unfortunately the PL in government, notwithstanding the funds received from the EU, the funds from the highly distasteful received from the IIP program, the unpresentable building construction has doubled if not more the debt to €8 million. The prospects are that in future years this debt will continue to rise. All due to fraudulent administration.
But then again, the urgent need for the Independent Institutions to be not only efficient but more importantly that their recommendations are discussed at length, if need be in Parliament and if approved (and so they should) be strictly implemented.
The Minister of Finance, with the full help of the Auditor General must ensure that public funds must be properly accounted for.
The economy cannot continue to grow when only the rich (or those who have used the Revenue Department as a Bank to finance their asset worth increase.
Finally, a transparent and good governance is sorely needed. The rule of law must prevail. This is the only way forward to get out of the grey listing.
The ever increasing cost of living and quality of life, the environment must be given utmost attention. The thousands who are living very close or even below the poverty line need to be tackled urgently.
The very fact that the Labour government voted against the mega bill, clearly shows that they are no longer the Party of Workers.
I appeal to the people of goodwill, we desperately need change not continuity.

( name redacted to protect the author from retribution)

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