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Whatever your beliefs, say prayers for the needs of Fr. David Muscat, the Maltese priest
who, for speaking out against the rampant money laundering on the island republic of
Malta, will be arraigned in court on Friday, and could face penalties of two years'
imprisonment and a fine of €23,000.

The ridiculous and unjust accusation made against him is homophobic hate speech. The real reason is due to the political hatred against him, because he has been vocal against a government that has broken every rule of human decency. This will not go down well with the Americans, because they appreciate that this Roman Catholic priest has defended American interests. The Americans know who their friends are and know that Fr. David Muscat thanked God for Malta’s Greylisting because in his own words ‘’only in this way can we start reforming our corrupt system’’.

 Even the Israelis know that Fr. David attacked Joseph Muscat for permitting the trafficking of Iranian Oil through Maltese territorial waters aiding a terrorist state that wants to nuke the State of Israel. 

The Americans know that Fr. David once said that Gaddafi’s money is in Bank of Valletta and the chap that was supposed to find them is a friend of Joseph Muscat and was chosen by him to deliver a speech on the National Day of Malta, 8th September. The Americans know that Fr.David criticized the corrupt Labour government for permitting arms trafficking through Malta that ended up in the killing of the American Ambassador in Libya.

Yet, Fr. David Muscat doesn’t have any friends among Maltese liberals and even within his Church. They think he is a deplorable racist, if not a Nazi. He is neither, although his association with Norman Lowell and his group was a grave tactical mistake but to their face, Fr. David had the guts to insist that Blacks and Jews are created in the image of God. It was like saying that Martin Luther King is a saint in a Ku Klux Klan gathering. Neither did Fr.David incite hatred against illegal immigrants crossing the Mediterranean in boats because he is criticizing exploitative employers and not the immigrants themselves. 

When he constantly warns that working class Maltese are in danger of becoming outnumbered in their own country, it was to warn his fellow compatriots about becoming, together with immigrants, second class citizens of a Maltese corrupt elite that blatantly disregards human rights.

But the basic difference between Fr. David Muscat and the rest of the NGOs, civil society groups, and bloggers who attack blatant corruption in Malta is a fundamental one. Fr. Muscat attacks the root cause of the problem. This is the 5% effective tax on foreign businesses locating in Malta, who receive a 30% rebate from the Maltese government. This translates into legalized tax evasion by these foreign companies, which should be paying tax at the full rate in their own countries. In other words, Malta is a tax haven for companies wanting to avoid paying tax in their countries of origin. The other liberal NGO and civil society groups and vocal critics of Joseph Muscat have never attacked Malta as a Tax Paradise. Rather, together with the six Maltese MEPs in Brussels,defend it and want to get rid of the Labour government in order to save this unfair system which discriminates against Maltese businesses.

Fr. David has been arguing for years that this economic model is not only anti-European, but above all, goes against Catholic Social Teaching. He often cites documents such as the Tax Justice Report which shows that 50% of the taxes of African countries are stolen and laundered by tax havens such as Malta. Everyone knows that Isabella dos Santos of Angola, among many others, uses Malta to bring to Europe the money she stole from her people. Fr. David grabs the bull by the horns: “scrap the system!” Just because it's legal doesn't mean it's ethical or Christian.

 Fr. Muscat uses examples from the gospel to show how much tax evasion within Malta’s tax haven violates Jesus' warning; give to Caesar what is Caesar's and to God what is God's, where the Lord clearly condemns tax evasion. For Fr. David the Maltese financial services break three of God’s commandments: do not steal, do not lie and do not covet thy neighbour’s goods. This is why Fr. David stands alone at this moment.

Even the church seems to have abandoned him because the archbishop of Malta has denounced and threatened him with suspension of his public ministry, thereby prejudicing Fr. David’s court case. The archbishop’s actions have only served to bolster the local NGOs because they are champagne socialists who hate Fr. David, who is a social conservative. Above all, these actions serve the Labour government. In Malta, Fr. David is alone and only God can deliver him. May God bless him and give him courage so that he will plead not guilty and if he loses the case he may appeal for a higher court. If he loses again, he may appeal to the European court of human rights.

 By dragging the case he will do more damage to the corrupt Labour government. But does Fr. David have the courage to do so? He has been subjected to dangerous humiliation by all the media outlets in the island of Malta even by the church media. Even his bishop, by excommunicating him for a nonexistent harmless allegedly homophobic rant on Facebook, has abandoned him to the wolves. He probably calculated that by appeasing the champagne socialists he will be promoted in the Vatican by Pope Francis. Fr David does need your prayers now; he is alone.





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