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                                                 JM's Torment  by COSIMO

Both the political and legal situations facing the cashiered former Prime Minister, JOSEPH MUSCAT, have significantly deteriorated of late. We hasten to update our readers on a the new developments, so that you can take precautions where appropriate.

First, according to Labour Party insiders, Muscat has been ordering individual Members of Parliament to make public statements against the magistrates and investigating police, He reportedly does no longer trust PM Robert Abela, his former protege', to keep him out of legal trouble. JMs most trusted hatchetman, GLENN BEDINGFIELD, threw his hat into the ring; he accused the police of "persecuting" Muscat. We find this strange, because GB supported Deputy PM Chris fearne for Prime Minister, and was thought to be distancing himself from Muscat.

Hatchetman  by COSIMO

ROSEANNE CUTAJAR, Malta's poster child for corruption, is also playing the same tune; attack the magistrate and the investigators. Whether the public will listen to her remains an open question. There are ministers and MPs also engaged in that dirty game, but they are trying to avoid being obvious about how they are showing their support for Muscat. They are acting behind the scenes, or speaking up, under the condition that their names not be published.

Poster Child  by COSIMO

Second, longtime analysts of PL internal politics have commented openly that JM is losing support internally; therefore his aims is to build a narrative to the effect that the magistrate, and the police investigating him, have sided with the Nationalist Party (PN). JM intends to mobilise his crowd during the upcoming election campaign. If you know your Maltese history, you know that PL mobs during the year 1987, deliberately attacked the courts, and destroyed & burned files, to prevent criminal charges being brought against PL officials. Muscat clearly intends to play the violence card once again, to avoid accountability for his crimes.

There is reported evidence and sworn testimony against JM, coming from other main actors in the sham Vitals contract. That evidence is said to be rock solid, according to those who have been allowed to view it.  He has no way out; the  only way is to cause chaos with his mob of supporters, disrupting the investigation, much in the way a Banana Republic dictator would act: destroy the court and the records, making any subsequent prosecution impossible.

Third, information and photographs that the police will eventually recover from JMs wife, MICHELLE MUSCAT'S mobile telephone will, when given to the media, cause him severe embarrassment; her secret & very private WhatsApp chats could even be leaked to the press, publicly exposing a dark side of her life that he wishes to keep out of the public eye at all costs. Common decency prohibits us from providing details, but suffice it to say the exposure of this information could have fatal political consequences for JM.

                                     ... And a Good Time was Had by All by COSIMO 

All indications point to a dissolution of the Maltese Parliament during the first week of February, with a snap election being called five weeks later. Will Joseph Muscat implode from all these existential pressures ? we cannot say, but we will be watching.

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