Wednesday, January 26, 2022



The AG, as comfortable as a Chesterfield sofa, by COSIMO

VICTORIA BUTTIGIEG, the Attorney General of the Republic of Malta, is a major part of the country's problem. She has largely remained in the background, and out of the news, but the damage she is doing to the Rule of Law demands her removal from office, as she is largely the reason none of the government leaders, past and present, are being held accountable for the rampant corruption and money laundering that has infected Malta, making it the most corrupt Member of the European Union. She simply must go.

Buttigieg was the Assistant  Attorney General to the previous AG, whose corruption was well known. She was hand-picked by corrupt PL officials to protect them. While she takes her direct orders from the notoriously corrupt Minister of Justice, EDWARD ZAMMIT LEWIS, in truth and in fact, Buttigieg was placed in office by Prime Minister Robert Abela, on orders of Joseph Muscat, who still pulls all the strings, even though he long ago left office. JM remains in power from outside Castille; he's Malta's Godfather.

Therefore, EZL orders her to allow corrupt PL leaders to commit crimes with impunity, without consequences on orders he receives from Muscat.  Buttigieg must be removed from office, and be replacedby someone not subject to Muscat's whims and instructions, if Malta has any hope of ever being removed from the Greylist of the Financial Action Task Force (FATF). The guilty must be charged, tried, sentenced and imprisoned, including Joseph and Michelle Muscat. To do any less means Malta shall remain, indefinitely, as the only Member country in the European Union to be so sanctioned by the FATF.


The Face of Corruption


In Malta, reform must start with the senior law enforcement official of that country, and that person is Victoria Buttigieg, who is only a tool of Joseph Muscat, but an effective one. She is blocking change in Malta; remove her or face the consequences.


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