Friday, January 7, 2022



 The controversial Maltese Roman Catholic cleric, Father David Muscat, has been interviewed by the police, and it appears that he will be charged with a Homophobic hate speech crime for quoting from the Holy Bible, in a case that is obviously intended to silence him for his anti-corruption articles. Father Muscat published a statement on YouTube video, stating that disgraced former Maltese Prime Minister Joseph Muscat is constantly threatening the Labour Government, by suggesting he will return to politics, even as an independent candidate. Many voters have deified him  so much that he would then most likely receive a large number of votes, with the result that PL would lose the election. He is threatening this so that the Government will not prosecute him for his many corruption and money laundering crimes.

The priest was then summoned to police headquarters, and he will aprarently be accused in court of something completely different, specifically Homophobic hate speech. That crime carries a maximum penalty of two years of incarceration and a €23,000 fine.The matter appeared to involve his commentary on the murder of a Polish woman, and gay conversion therapy gone wrong, with the result that one subject began hating woman, resulting in the homicide. Again, his material involved only direct quotes from the Bible. A traditionalist, even though Homosexuality is legal, Father Muscat argues that it goes against Catholic Social Teaching. The alleged criminal act is a purely political charge intended to silence his anti-corruption campaign.

Father Muscat is well known for his opposition to Malta's Tax Haven policy, which he asserts is a bogus venture capitalism scheme based upon an effective five percent corporation tax rate, designed to lure business from abroad, and which has transformed Malta into a dodgy fiscal paradise for criminals from all over the world.

While we may not always agree with the Father's positions on a number of issues, we will defend his right to publish his opinions, and we have printed his articles on this blog as an expression of Freedom of the Press. He is not a radical; in truth and in fact he supports Pope Francis, notwithstanding his Holiness' position on immigration, unlike many on the Right.

If a criminal case is permitted to stand against Father Muscat, then politics truly trumps the Rule of Law in The Republic of Malta, and which can no longer be considered a republic, but an autocracy, ruled only for the benefit of a criminal elite.

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