Thursday, December 3, 2015


There have been persistent rumors, to the effect that one of the individuals involved in the Cayman Gang of Four $450m trading scandal is cooperating with a North American law enforcement agency.  This would explain the fact that questions have been posed, to some of the more than sixty reported Canadian & American victims, which indicate that investigators, located outside Grand Cayman, have intimate knowledge of the evidence against the Gang of Four. Who is assisting them, perhaps in exchange for immunity from prosecution ?

The only member of the Gang of Four, who has not fled the Cayman islands, is B& C Capital's present Managing Director, Fernando Mota Mendes.  You may recall that Mendes is extremely sensitive to having his name appear in print; he brought bogus criminal charges against a local news blogger, who reported on his role in the Gang of Four case. Is he the Cooperating Individual ?

The other possible participant is an American who formerly worked in Ryan Bateman's office, and later was convicted of money laundering in the United States. Though sentenced to a term in Federal Prison, he has curiously been sent to a halfway house  instead, which allows him to work at an outside civilian job during the day, and only to be confined at night. This is an extraordinary benefit to him, and may indicate that he is rendering Substantial Assistance to law enforcement in the Gang of Four case. Is he the one who is filling in the blanks in the criminal investigation ?

We shall continue to inform our readers of all developments in this case, as they occur.

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