Saturday, December 19, 2015


Derek Buntain, the president of Dundee Merchant Bank, the Grand Cayman brass-plate bank accused of illegally transferring more than USD$450m, and a reputed member of the criminal conspiracy known as the Cayman Gang of Four, has abruptly tendered his resignation, as a director of Dundee Precious Metals, Inc., a position that he had held for twenty-two years. Dundee Merchant Bank is a defendant in a civil suit, brought by one of the Canadian victims of what some believe is a Ponzi scheme, operated by the Gang of Four, who covertly took possession of investor funds entrusted to the bank. The bank, and Dundee Precious Metals, are both reported to be subsidiaries of Dundee Corporation.

Buntain has been missing and unavailable since the summer of 2015, when the scandal involving the missing money became public knowledge. He has accused, by Sharon Lexa Lamb, of drafting the instrument that was used to deceive investors into believing that B & C Capital, Ltd., a shell company operated by a known fraudster, Ryan Bateman, was a financial institution. Lamb made that statement, in the presence of several eyewitnesses in Grand Cayman, when she was confronted regarding the missing $450m. Journalists have sought to locate him on Prince Edward Island, without success. He has a residence and extended family living there, and a show horse, but he cannot be found after diligent search and enquiry.

Derek Buntain

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