Monday, December 14, 2015


Derek Buntain
Derek Buntain is a Canadian national who was the President, and Director, of the Dundee Merchant Bank, and who is one of a group of four financial professionals who were reportedly responsible for the illegal transfer, from Dundee, of over $450m in investor money. Buntain, and former Senior Vice President & Director, Sharon Lexa Lamb, have been accused by their victims of committing a breach of their fiduciary responsibilities, in transferring the funds to a shell company, purporting to warrant and affirm, in writing, that it was a financial institution

He has been missing for a number of months, but is believed to be living on Prince Edward Island (PEI), where he has a home, and where other members of his extended family reside. Internet traffic indicates, with a high degree of probability, that he is monitoring the news of the first civil suit, brought by a victim, against Ms. Lamb and the Dundee Merchant Bank, from PEI. he has not returned to his residence in Grand Cayman.

Buntain, far right, with his racehorse

Ryan Bateman, a native of Alberta, and the owner of the shell investment companies, B & C Capital, Ltd., Bateman & Company, Ltd., and Bateman Capital is believed to have transferred, without authorization, all the capital of the victims into his corporate operating accounts, and thereafter, to have engaged in multiple transactions, involving the purchase and sale of securities, through financial institutions located within the United States, and in the Bahamas.  He failed to appear for a criminal trial in the Cayman Islands, where he is a defendant, and is regarded there as a fugitive. His efforts to sell his expensive Cayman residence, and to transfer the funds out of the country, reportedly were blocked by the authorities.

Ryan Bateman
Bateman, based upon Internet traffic monitoring, is reportedly living quietly in the State of Florida, most likely in South Florida. Due to the violent nature of his pending criminal case, and his obvious wish to avoid publicity, readers are urged not to interact with him, in any way, should you come into contact with him.

Don't these two Canadians have licenses to sell securities ? Should they not be under review at this time ?

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