Wednesday, December 16, 2015


The Cayman Gang of Four had a policy for dealing with their victims; how to discourage any of the over sixty Canadian & American investors who requested that some of their money be sent to them: lie, deny and, if necessary, threaten. When an investor asked for a wire transfer of a portion of their funds, the Gang, and specifically Sharon Lexa Lamb, would throw up any one of an assorted list of excuses, none of which were true.

For example Lamb, who was answering "Dundee" to all callers, notwithstanding that she had been fired more than a year earlier, would tell callers that there were delays, due to compliance requirements, at the 'bank' where the funds were kept. (of course, the money was held by Ryan Bateman's shell companies, not a bank) Alternatively, she would ask the victims for information on their Source of Funds, even though the money had been passed through two prior financial service firms in Canada. These were lies to delay access to the clients' money.  Was this a violation of her fiduciary obligations ? You bet it was.

Finally, when these excuses were ineffective, Lamb would threaten to turn in the victim to his or her the tax authorities, reporting them for tax evasion. Whether some of the victims had not reported all their income on investments to the taxman is not relevant, for Lamb was desperate to avoid the truth: Ryan Bateman and the Gang of Four had their money, and it was gone forever, as are Bateman, Derek Buntain, and Sharon Lamb who notwithstanding her statements, has not been seen in public in Grand Cayman since the civil suit was filed against her.

Of course, the pressing question is : Where is the Cayman Islands Monetary Authority (CIMA) on this ? Asleep at their desks ? Who will wake them up ? Will it take UK intervention at CIMA to get justice in this case ?

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