Saturday, January 21, 2012


Amongst those Palestinians released from prison by Israel as part of the agreement through which the hostage, Gilad Shalit, was freed are a number of individuals who were responsible for the deaths of 83 US citizens, as well as inflicting serious injuries on 53 others, all by terrorist attacks. There has been a call to indict those Palestinians in the United States for those crimes; Most of them were serving long prison terms before their release.

These terrorists released from a Israeli custody included "General" Mahmoud Awad Damra, who commanded a unit whose aim was to assassinate Israeli government leaders. He was responsible for directing terrorist attacks that resulted in the deaths of American citizens. Damra was subsequently appointed a personal advisor to the Palestinian Authority senior leader, Mahmoud Abbas.

The Parents Forum for Justice, an NGO composed of the parents of the American dead and injured, on 19 January, asked the US Attorney General, Eric Holder, to bring criminal charges, pursuant to the 1991 Anti-Terror Act,* which deals with acts of "international terrorism."

Compliance officers may be interested to know that some of these individuals, who were welcomed as heroes by the Palestinian Authority in the West Bank, and by Hamas in Gaza, are now living outside the Palestinian Territories, or are engaged in international travel. Some of them have publicly boasted that they intend to engage in new acts of terrorism in the future. Should they be allowed to open accounts, and later be indicted, not only is there a risk of reputation damage through media exposure of an account relationship, but of indictment for terrorist financing, or aiding and abetting.

You are reminded that these names have been transliterated from the original Arabic when appearing in the media in English; therefore, multiple variations in spelling are possible.

Ahlan Tamimi
Sana'a Shehadeh
Qahara Al-Saadi
Walid Al-Hadi Anjas
Fadi Muhammad Ibrahim Al-Jaaba
Maedh Waal Taleb Abu Sharakh
Muhammad  Ynuis dar Musa

These men and women represent an unacceptable level of risk for any bank, including those located in the Middle East.
* 18 USC §2331


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