Wednesday, January 18, 2012


The long-await trial of accused Ponzi schemer, R. Allen Stanford, is scheduled to commence on 26 January, in United States District Court in Houston, Texas. I am hoping that the testimony at trial, and the evidence introduced will answer a number of questions about Stanford Financial that remain unanswered:

(1) Is there any truth to the persistent rumour that Stanford accepted narcotics profits at his Antigua bank and thereafter engaged in laundering those funds ?

(2) Did Stanford Bank Venezuela evade taxes, and did Allen Stanford cause the Venezuelan Government to bring bogus criminal charges against the whistleblower, Stanford's then-manager, Gonzalo Tirado ?

(3) Did Stanford engage in a pattern of bulk cash smuggling, from North America to Antigua, of client funds, using corporate aircraft and Stanford Bank staff ?

(4) Was Stanford a Confidential Informant for a US law enforcement agency, and did that agency interfere with investigations into Stanford's solvency ?

Do you think these questions deserve an answer ?

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