Saturday, January 7, 2012


Gregory Whitworth, an American who formerly resided in Bahrain, was sentenced recently, in  US District Court* in Buffalo,New York, to serve a sentence of eighteen months in Federal Prison, for money laundering. Whitworth worked for a payment processing company that facilitated payments for a number of  Canadian telemarketing schemes that reportedly defrauded consumers out of $20m. He cooperated with US law enforcement agencies in the case, and received a lesser sentence.

Apparently, the defendant continued to forward funds to Canada, to the fraudsters, even after he had actual knowledge of the illegal practises of the telemarketing firms. The principal of another company that was forwarding the proceeds of telemarketing fraud received a 2-year sentence for money laundering, plus a $100,00 fine, from the Court.
* United States vs. Whitworth, Case No.: 10-cr-00324 (WD NY) 

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