Monday, January 16, 2012


You know that Syrian President Assad, his extended family, and those regime insiders that have been raping their local economy for decades, with their enforced monopolies and sundry other offenses, are already moving literally billions of US Dollars, Swiss Francs, Sterling, and other assorted hard currencies, out of Syria, as fast as they can. Unless you want to risk a EU or US sanctions violation, I humbly suggest that you follow these simple guidelines:

(1) Accept absolutely no present, or former, Syrian PEPs as clients, and make no exceptions.

(2) Watch carefully for increased and unexplained wire transfer activity involving any present client who has done business with Syrian companies. You do not want to unwittingly facilitate Syrian "flight capital" that your client's client is front for.

(3) Look carefully at the Place of Birth listed on any new Middle Eastern client's passport. Is he a Syrian PEP who was a dual national, or who managed to acquire residency or citizenship in the region lately ?

You can fully expect any future Syrian democratic government to aggressively seek the funds of PEPs who flee the country during the last year that the present regime is in power. Do not take suspect Syrian flight capital.

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