Wednesday, November 16, 2011


The Solicitor General of Venezuela, Carlos Escarrá, has publicly stated that the current murder & terrorism trial, in France, of Ilich Ramírez Sánchez, a/k/a Carlos the Jackal, is improper and illegal, and that the results have been determined aforehand. Escarrá argues that, since his arrest in Somalia, by French agents, was illegal, both his prior life sentence, and the present case, which could also result in another life sentence, are improper.

The "Jackal," arguably the most prominent global terrorist of the 1980s, is on trial this week, charged with masterminding four terrorist bombings in France that resulted in eleven deaths, and one one hundred injured. Venezuelan president Hugo Chávez Frías has also declared his support for the Jackal, who is a Venezuelan national.

If you were looking for an additional reason why many Congressmen in the United States have called for Venezuela to be designated a State Sponsor of Terrorism, look no further. The Jackal is one of most reviled individuals in Europe, for committing multiple terrorist acts that resulted in creating chaos, including the OPEC Meeting incident, and the attack on the 1972 Munich Olympics. That Venezuela supports him speaks for itself.

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