Thursday, November 3, 2011


The Royal Canadian Mounted Police Border Integrity Unit arrested Jeffrey Melchior, as he attempted to bulk cash smuggle US$2.6m into the United States from British Colombia, aboard an inflatable boat. Melchior, who reportedly dumped the plastic-wrapped cash into the water when he saw he was about to be intercepted, is from Lake Cowichan, Vancouver Island.

Melchior has been charged with:
(1) Laundering the proceeds of Crime.
(2) Possession of Property Obtained by Crime.

Canadian marijuana traffickers who sell their "BC Bud" frequently receive US Dollars from their American buyers, and they cannot readily convert those notes into Canadian currency. Therefore, bulk cash smuggling is the most common solution. Canadian media reports that his first court date is 21 November in Victoria, presumably in Provincial Court.

Compliance officers at US banks anywhere near the Canadian frontier are cautioned to never accept US currency from Canadian nationals without first satisfying themselves that the cash is from lawful business
activity, and that this can be documented for your files.


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