Sunday, November 20, 2011


The next of kin of a number of Colombian political activists murdered by the AUC*, the right-wing paramilitary organisation linked to senior officials in former Colombian president Alvaro Uribe's government, have brought a civil suit in US District Court **in Miami. The defendant is imprisoned AUC  leader Carlos Mario Jimenez Naranjo, a/k/a Macaco, currently serving a thirty-three year sentence on narcotics trafficking and terrorism charges.

The action, which was brought under the Alien Tort Claims Act, alleges that Jimenez is guilty of:

(1) Extra-judicial Killing
(2) Torture
(3) War Crimes
(4) Crimes against Humanity

The pleadings explain the AUCs efforts to dominate coca production in Colombia, for material gain, which the deceased were opposing. Graphic details of their torture and murders include chain-saw amputations and dismemberment. Some of the parties are listed as John Doe and Jane Doe, to protect their identifies from reprisals inside Colombia.

Most important are the allegations that the Colombian military and police failed to protect them, actually ignored the threats to their lives, and cooperated with the AUC. Will this suit expose previously unknown connections between the Uribe administration and the Paramilitaries ? Stay tuned.
* Also commonly known as the United Self-Defence Forces of Colombia, or the Autodefensas,  The AUC is a Specially Designated Global Terrorist (SDGT) organisation, and a Foreign Narcotics Kingpin.
**Jesus Cabrera, as the Personal Representative of the estate of Alama Riosa Jaramillo, et al, vs. Carlos Mario Jimenez Naranjo, case No.: 10-cv-21951-EGT (SD FL).

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