Tuesday, November 21, 2023



Jerry Merviviel Nurse, a veteran of the British Army, who served in some of the world's most remote and dangerous trouble spots, came home to Barbados after a decade of military service, only to find that his country's most powerful law firm, CARRINGTON AND SEALY, whose members typically go on to serve on their nation's Supreme Court, and in senior position in government, had allegedly diverted, and outright taken, real estate left to him by deceased relatives. When he attempted to access the local court system, he found that the deck was stacked against him. Although he finally did succeed, senior government officials reportedly closely linked to the prestigious law firm took steps to insure that he never took either possession or title to his inheritance. 

His efforts to seek justice at the Barbados Bar Association, through its Disciplinary Committee, were likewise stymied, at the hands of lawyers linked to the Carrington law firm, He later found that documents in the probate proceedings listed the administration of his extended family's estate named a Carrington lawyer who was not even practising law at that time as counsel of record, and other clear evidence of alleged professional misconduct. The Disciplinary Committee not only failed to address serious issues of professional negligence (malpractise), but grand larceny, with him as the obvious victim. There has been no justice in his case. I have reviewed the documents available in support of these allegations, and it is clear and convincing evidence of massive fraud and misrepresentation of material facts.

Lest readers think that this is an extraordinary and unusual set of facts, there are dozens of Barbadians who have similar stories, relating to us that the same lawyers who were entrusted with administering estates of their deceased family members appropriated valuable, in many cases oceanfront, real estate, for their own use and benefit, and neither the courts, nor government, nor the Barbados Bar Association, would assist them in obtaining justice. Jerry Nurse, who is continuing to speak on behalf of himself, and other victims in Barbados who are similarly situated, says he will not be silenced, even after a thinly disguised attempt to place him in mortal danger through false imprisonment in a local prison, on spurious charges. He advises that justice will be served, both in his case, and others like it.


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