Wednesday, November 1, 2023


The court system in Barbados, where rampant corruption and the undue influence of an organized self-serving criminal association of lawyers who routinely deprive the population of its real estate holdings through widespread probate and property fraud, is so thoroughly dysfunctional as to require complete reform, requires outside intervention by the region's security apparatus at this time. The Caribbean's Regional Security System (RSS), which is an international military association of East Caribbean jurisdictions, headquartered in Barbados, appears to be the only viable tool to clean up Barbados' despicable theft-by-court reality.

We recognize that the RSS, which is designed to intervene in the region where outside forces, or local domestic instability demands a solution to national chaos, but the situation has reached the point where domestic tranquility, and the ends of justice demand radical action to save the moral fiber of Barbados itself. The existing system, where avaricious attorneys use the corrupt court system, specifically the probate court, to enrich themselves literally at the cost of their clients, who are deprived of an inheritance, real estate, handed down for generations, is so rotten that it must be completely dismantled and rebuilt.

Whether the cause of this presently untenable situation in Barbados is due to the greed of an attorney overpopulation, and the greed of lawyers who know that the local bar association will not discipline them, or for a general disregard for the Rule of Law in a country where the government, Ruled by Prime Minister Mia Amor Mottley, is unfortunately composed of wealthy lawyers who themselves accumulated illicit assets before entering public service, is immaterial, radical change is a must, lest universal public anger eventually manifests itself into violent action, throwing the country in what could result in a confrontation between the people of Barbados, and its law enforcement apparatus, with the potential for loss of life and domestic chaos.

We agree that the RSS was never intended to act as a judicial policeman, but the rendering aid, through  the posting of experienced jurists from the East Caribbean, and supported by what would be an occupying force of peacekeepers, is not only necessary, it is imperative at this time. Barbados is literally drowning in corruption; can the RSS save it from itself? They must try, if an inevitable violent response from the victims is to be avoided. Nobody wants chaos in Barbados; clean up the sewer that is the local court system to prevent it.   

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