Wednesday, November 8, 2023



According to our reliable Maltese sources, there exists a close relationship between Palestinian Authority's resident pseudo-ambassador and Suha Arafat, which we have detailed in our most recent article on the subject,* the widow of the former leader of the Palestinian Authority (PA) receives a stipend of USD$12,000 from the PA, which she had publicly admitted to. Other sources have accused her of having no less than $50,000 a month transferred to her.  The PA is also known to be paying her monthly rent on a lavish residence in an upscale neighborhood. None of this are the customary benefits doled out to the widows of PA government officials.

We do not know which Maltese bank holds her funds; most bankers that we have queried know that none of the branches of reputable foreign banks would accept her, given the allegations that her late husband stole literally billions of US Dollars, sent as aid money to the Palestinian Authority, and placed his ill-gotten gains in Swiss banks, from where it ended up in her accounts in Paris, and was under French investigation. Some have alleged that the Bank of Valletta, which is partly government-owned, holds her accounts, but we are unable to confirm this. She remains a Politically Exposed Person, or PEP. It is also alleged in international media that she stole land, but again there is no publicly-available information as to where it was located.

The Maltese investigative reported DAPHNE CARUANA GALIZIA, later assassinated for exposing rampant corruption in Malta, had a definite opinion about Suha's residence there:

"Suha Arafat is finding life in Malta unbearable. She cannot live the life of the diaspora any more and wants to go ‘home’. Every day since Yasser Arafat died she feels “boredom and daily sadness”. How much worse it would have been without those missing millions. I’m not one to speak against immigrants, but this is one immigrant we can really do without. The racist groups urge us to turn away dying people in boats because they might include terrorists. About the terrorist who flew in by private jet wearing a chequered shawl round his head, to be warmly kissed by Maltese politicians from both sides of the house, they had nothing to say. About the terrorist’s widow who was given permission to reside in Malta after being chased away by other states they have even less to say. Oh well, as long as she brought his ill-gotten millions with her….."

Under the circumstances, any normal government would promptly extradite her back to Tunisia, where she has been wanted for corruption for fifteen years, freeze her accounts, and deport her daughter, who is approximately 27 years of age, but Malta's Labour government, which is closely associated to the PA "diplomatic" staff, has given her what we can only describe as VIP treatment. She remains a symbol of Middle East corruption, now immune from justice in the Republic of Malta.


* Gaza Conflict draws attention once again to Suha Arafat, Wanted in Tunisia for Corruption, living openly in Malta with all that Stolen Cash from Palestine  (November 6, 2023).

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