Friday, October 20, 2017


Our recent article, about the New Brunswick, Canada-based Swallow Immigration Consultancy Ltd.,  which is selling CBI passports in Dominica, St Kitts & Grenada, according to its website, and its staff, included a telephone call to the firm's manager, Nusheen Pourjahani. She denied accepting any Iranians, unless they lived outside Iran, and maintained their wealth also overseas, claiming that her clients did not violate sanctions, and their money was clean.

Our follow-up call today yielded confirmation that her story was pure fiction. Pourjahani, according to her office, is traveling to Dubai, to meet clients, and after that, will be in her office in Tehran. That is where she really meets her Iranian clients, so she can obtain Caribbean CBI passports for them, and launder their money through her own accounts, prior to making payment for their passports.

You are looking at photographs taken outside Swallow's Tehran office. Note that there are no signs or indications that it is a business, because it is not open to the public; It is a covert location, to serve Iranian clients, in violation of American, Canadian and United Nations international sanctions. Does this look like a legitimate office ?

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