Kenneth Rijock

Kenneth Rijock

Sunday, October 16, 2011


Readers should always be aware that even minor acts of facilitation can, and do, constitute money laundering, which is a Federal felony with the maximum punishment of twenty years' imprisonment and/or a $500,000 fine.A Rhode Island automobile dealer, who assisted an individual who represented himself to be a narcotics dealer, who illegally misrepresented the cash sales price of four vehicles he sold, and who facilitated the construction of a hidden compartment in one of the automobiles, has pled guilty to a single count of money laundering* in US District Court in Providence.

Domingo Lopez, who was told by an undercover law enforcement agent posing as a narcotics dealer that the vehicles he was selling were to be used by narcotics couriers, has been remanded to Federal custody, as he was found by the Court to constitute a flight risk. In court filings, his attorney argued that he was married to a US citizen, but candidly noted that he did not have lawful permanent residence status.

The Plea Agreement signed by the defendant noted his acceptance of responsibility for the offence, which does reduce his offence level but stated that the any punishment pronounced by the court would not involve probation, meaning that a sentence of incarceration was expected. The Court announced that sentencing would occur on16 December, 2011.

*United States vs. Lopez, Case No.:  1:11-cr-00165-ML-LDA (D RI).  

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