Kenneth Rijock

Kenneth Rijock

Sunday, January 26, 2020


Opening ceremonies, Abu Dhabi UAE

The Commonwealth of Dominica has announced the opening of its Embassy, in Abu Dhabi, United Emirates. While diplomatic news usually does not generate much interest, this action could have far-reaching consequences, due to the fact that Dominica's Citizenship by Investment (CBI) Program has accepted more career white-collar criminals, international sanctions evaders, and organized crime figures, than any of the other East Caribbean states offering CBI passports, and this new embassy, in a country which has zero international commerce with Dominica, will surely facilitate the issuance of Commonwealth of Nations member passports to dangerous and unsuitable applicants.

Let's survey the possible ways a Dominica embassy in the Emirates could facilitate money laundering, sanctions evasion, and terrorist financing:

(1) Iranian nationals, including government procurement agents, military and intelligence officers, and hackers performing industrial espionage, many of who already reside in the UAE, will find it infinitely easier to obtain Dominica CBI and diplomatic passports, which can be issued at the embassy, and records of these actions not transmitted to the capital in Roseau.

(2) CBI deposits, which are in US Dollars, can be delivered right into the embassy, and avoid being wired to banks in Dominica, whose transit through the New York banking structure, automatically confers jurisdiction upon US Federal Courts for money laundering charges. Now, the greenbacks, whether cash or in electronic form, will evade the Western Hemisphere altogether, and remain in the Middle East. Influential CBI consultancies will find a way to exploit the embassy's secrecy and immunity, resulting in an increase in the issuance of CBI passports to individuals who pose a clear and present danger to the West, and especially the US.

(3) The actual signup of dodgy CBI clients, by the international consultancies which have the ability to attract such traffic, could take place inside the embassy, in a protected diplomatic location, away from thye prying eyes of both law enforcement and regulatory agencies.

(4) Corrupt senior Dominica officials could stockpile the bribes and kickbacks paid to them outside Dominica, inside embassy grounds, where it would remain hidden. That capital might end up in the hands of global terrorist organizations, a cash-poor Iranian Government, or who knows what other  criminal entity Dominica's anti-American and pro-Socialist officials choose to finance or fund. All this would  enjoy diplomatic protection from law enforcement investigation.

Will the new embassy become a hotbed of criminal activity ? We cannot say, but given the sordid history of Dominica's sales of CBI and diplomatic passports, it would be prudent to assume that the new facility in Abu Dhabi will be engaged in conduct that results in the criminal elite acquiring identity documents in the privacy of the embassy, and using them to perpetrate white-collar crime, sanctions evasion, and terrorist financing.


The days when one could access one or more of the leading commercial off-the-shelf databases for high-risk individuals and entities, and be reasonably assured that you were not onboarding a new bank client who was sanctioned, or otherwise unsuitable due to criminal or corrupt activities. Now, due to the combination of modern technology and widespread governmental corruption, you may be presented with official identity documents that present the client with an alias, but which pass each and every enhanced due diligence test for authenticity.

Take the Citizenship by Investment (CBI/CIP) programs currently in place in five East Caribbean states; successful applicants receive not only the prized passport, but back-up documents, including but not limited to birth certificates, drivers' licenses, proof of residence, titles to local real estate, utility bills, and everything else that a diligence New Accounts officer at a bank would require. Oh, and by the way, the name on the passport is a clean alias, and the listed place of birth shows that the holder was born there.

The individual will pass any traditional due diligence inquiry, although under his real name he may be subject to OFAC sanctions, be a terrorist financier, a convicted transnational criminal, or worse, an actual terrorist. His authentic identity documents generally will not be questioned.

If the applicant cannot, for some reason, avail himself of the CBI method, perhaps he can find a totally corrupt government official in his home country to issue a bogus, though real,  passport and supporting evidence, for the right amount of money. The passport is properly issued, and cannot be found to be counterfeit, because it is real.Therefore effective Customer Due Diligence cannot be accomplished. True identities cannot be obtained using traditional compliance procedures.

Does technology provide a solution ? Yes, but it appears to be currently unavailable, Facial recognition technology solves the problem, BUT facial recognition software requires access to a complete, passport-quality, photo library of images, to check your targets against, and to date, such a database has not been created nor made commercially available. It probably does not yet exist, even as a classified asset.

Is there an alternative ? We cannot find one, which means that until facial recognition technology, coupled with an adequate image library, comes along, you must fall back upon your transaction monitoring to catch your money launderer, terrorist financier or transnational criminal. You are going to have to unwittingly admit unsuitable clients, through ignorance, and rely upon your effective transaction monitoring software to identify bad actors, Therefore, it is humbly suggested that you insure that it is not only effective, but that it gives you real-time information, and is constantly monitored by competent, experienced staff, with the authority to shut down suspected money laundering.

Eventually, the marketplace will result in the creation of the combination of facial recognition technology, with adequate image resources, and customer identification procedures will  return .

Friday, January 24, 2020


This is Dominican Minister of Foreign Affairs Francine Baron, a career politician, and the daughter of a former politician. She is the self-appointed guardian of Dominica's list of foreign holders of Dominica Diplomatic passports, what some have called "The List of the Damned," as it reportedly includes Iranian government officials, Russian organized crime members, and assorted career white collar criminals. Many have since been arrested, convicted and imprisoned for their crimes.

Minister Baron has zealously kept the identities of hundreds of diplomatic passport holders from the people of Dominica, arrogantly stating in public:

    "It [the Government of Dominica] remains opposed to the idea of divulging the
     information on all appointees in a forum that is essentially public in nature, and
     to which the entire world has access."

The public cannot know who their diplomats are ? Dominica has only a handful of bona fide diplomats, and they maintain only a small number of embassies and missions. So where in the world do all the hundreds of "other diplomats" serve, Ms. Baron ?  How much cash was paid in, literally under the table, to facilitate the issuance of diplomatic passports by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and to whom ? We cannot say, but the citizens of the Commonwealth of Dominica deserve to see who their "diplomats" are, minister. You serve the people, not the Prime Minister and the Labour Party.


World Wise victims seek their money back

If you read our recent article,  Denied US Citizenship, Jamaican $260m Ponzi Schemer & Fraudster, Wanted in Kington, Lives Openly in the USA, you know that Noel Strachan used World Wise Partners as his investment entity. What you don't know is that fraudsters typically employ a number of techniques to lull the victims into trusting them, and placing their hard-earned money in the hands of a criminal.

World Wise was most likely chosen by Strachan because it is deceptively similar to the same name as a number of well-established, legitimate corporations operating around the world. To avoid charges of corporate identity theft, Strachan cleverly separated the title into two parts. The other, prior users of the name use WorldWise or Worldwise.

Not World Wise but Worldwise

We continue to ask aloud why Strachan has not been deported by ICE to face the music in his native Jamaica. The Statute of Limitations is not a defense, as the fraudster has remained outside the jurisdiction, which tolls the operation of the Statute, in my humble opinion. Justice, obviously has not been served yet; but the story is not over.

Not Strachan's World Wise



National elections in the five East Caribbean states, which can result in the seating of an Opposition Party, whose new-elected prime minister can change which CBI consultancies are authorized to participate in that nation's lucrative Citizenship by Investment passport sales program, generally result in a major media campaign by affected CBI consulting firms. Those that have the territory act to preserve their fiefdom, and those who want entry take extraordinary steps to gain access.

These firms accomplish their ends by engaging, at great cost, media figures who publish on those Internet regional news sites visited by locals, articles that are slanted to favor the chosen candidates; most often they contain disinformation, negative news, misleading stories that often verge upon libel, accusing their favored candidates' opponents of corruption, voter fraud, vote buying, and other crimes. These articles, which should be regarded as propaganda, are accepted because payment is made for their placement.

According to reliable sources, there is a powerful disinformation campaign in progress, regarding the upcoming elections in the Federation of St Kitts & Nevis, orchestrated in large part by the self-styled "journalist," Melanius Alphonse, who hails from St Lucia, and is a citizen of Canada. He has been labeled the Minister of Propaganda by those who are familiar with his work. Alphonse has directed his venom against sitting Prime Minister Dr. Timothy Harris, to insure that he is not reelected. The reason for this is the favor upon which the CBI consultancies look upon the Opposition Leader, Denzil L Douglas, who they believe will approve dodgy applicants, and those from high-risk countries, without any significant due diligence.

Alphonse's funding is reportedly coming from Anthony Haiden, the CEO of CBI consultancy Montreal Management Consultants, which is located in the Emirates, notwithstanding its corporate name. Alphonse's task at this time is to place massive amounts of disinformation about Harris, ahead of the upcoming election.

Alphonse recently churned out multiple articles, on the Caribbean News Global webpage, ahead of the national election in the Commonwealth of Dominica. These stories portrayed the Leader of the Opposition in a corrupt, criminal light. The sole purpose of the articles was to present sufficient negative news about the candidate for prime minister, to guarantee a successful outcome for the incumbent PM and his Labour Party.

So long as local media accepts money to run propaganda and disinformation, sponsored by CBI consultancies determined to hold on to their obscenely lucrative CBI passport business, these misleading articles will skew future elections in the region, and negative impact democracy in the East Caribbean states.