Saturday, September 12, 2020


New information made available in the massive money laundering and terrorist financing in the Republic of Malta has confirmed that there is now a third individual, presently working in government, who has agreed to cooperate with American law enforcement authorities. His identity has not been disclosed; neither has the extent of his cooperation. For the purposes of future articles, we shall call them the Valletta Three.

Unlike the first two individuals who are said by reliable sources to be assisting US authorities with their criminal investigation into a global money laundering, terrorist financing and corruption case, the additional individual's rank and position in government is not known, nor have any clues or hints been offered that would allow us to make an educated guess as to where he or she is presently assigned or detailed.

We must assume that these individuals have retained local Maltese counsel to assist them in negotiating what will ultimately end up as a plea agreement, giving them credit for their cooperation. They might possibly receive receive Immunity from Prosecution, but that depends upon a number of factors, including but not limited to their role in the criminal activity, the evidence that they intend to, or already have, proffered, how early on in the investigation they came forward, and whether they have documentary evidence. Their testimony in open court in the United States against the other defendants will be required.

There is no information regarding whether any of them have obtained American criminal defense attorneys experienced in Federal Court, to advise them and assist with the plea bargaining. We have had no reports of American lawyers arriving in Valletta in recent weeks, whether to advise these cooperating individuals, or to advise any others who may be targets of the investigation. 

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