Friday, December 9, 2022


Ralph Sanders, posing as a former Sacramento Kings basketball player 

For those readers who have been following our investigative reporting on RALPH SANDERS, the three-time convicted felon who specializes in defrauding vulnerable single woman, here is our latest recently submitted update on his continuing criminal activities, reported by one off his many victims:

"A number of Sander’s victims have reported to California DMV Investigations, that Sanders, or persons at McPeeks Jeep Dodge of Anaheim, are utilizing the dealership’s subscription to gain access to his present and potential victims Drivers Licenses or Identification cards. 

He then copied the photo on the victims' identification information to make false documents, or post their actual photos on websites to harass intimidate and defame them."

Our theory is that Sanders' criminal actions, which pose a clear and present danger to all Californians, are protected, due to his status as a cooperating individual for a local law enforcement agency in the State of California, as there is not other plausible explanation for his continuing carrier as a white-collar criminal who preys on unmarried women. All victim efforts to convince the Sacramento (Roseville) office of the FBI to charge him have been fruitless. He is currently under investigation by a certain agency of state law enforcement, but we don't see that an an aggressive effort to rein in this career criminal, and in truth and in fact, the blasé attitude of all law enforcement to Sanders' crimes reinforces our belief that he is somehow being allowed to commit crimes in California with impunity.

California law has a "Three Strikes and you are Out," meaning a life sentence for three-time losers. Why isn't this danger to the community locked up ?

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