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THIS IS AN EMAIL THE CAREER CRIMINAL (3 convictions) RALPH SANDERS wrote to a lawyer, seeking to have his SEXUAL OFFENDER designation removed.  We have the right to disclose it, because it is not protected by the attorney-client privilege. He also sent this and other letters to some of his victims, who forwarded it to law enforcement, which made it available to us. NOTE: there are a lot of lies in this document. He did commit a sexual offense with a minor. He is a registered Sexual Offender in the State of California. The next time he goes to prison it will be for LIFE in California. He is a Clear and Present Danger to the public.

--- Forwarded Message -----

From: "Ralph Sanders" <>

Good morning, 

 I thought it was a bill governor Jerry brown passed years ago stating the facts on 290 offenders that meet the criteria of the New Bill will be kicked  out of the Database with out a court hearing ? I did alot of reading as in researching this matter.

I remember years ago incarcerated at Folsom state prison in classification they put this " R " suffix on my jacket!

It was strange because when I pleaded to the lesser charge after a court pelemannary hearing with the mother and 14 year old girl .....the Judge  dropped the charges admirably in my favor. 

Yes I kissed a 14 year old girl on the forhead and her mother got pissed off and later after 3 hours of the issue she called the cops.

I was living in Greenheaven a area In Sacramento on the lake. 

I was 24 years old and out on parole a full year. I was doing very well and married to a Stanford Graduate name Betsy Sanders. 

When the cops later knocked on the door asking to speak with me; there was any issue until 30 minutes later they found out I was on parole. 

My wife was white and they started treating me like a fugitive. 

I'm not saying the reason was because of her color or my parole.

It just makes you wonder at times because I never fumbled or touched a 14 year old girl ANYPLACE sexually or said anything in that nature. That's why the judge dropped the bogus police report the officers fabricated 

I was on parole for Burglary charges/ Forgery as well. I had committed those charges on the campus of Stanford University in 1989 '1990 

Got 5 years as a deal with a public Defender who was taking classes at Stanford while fighting my case. 

I also did a research on my Judge once I finally got my life together. He was a Stanford Graduate!

Life can be so deciving and at times we get caught up in the system and messed around with.

I paroled to Sacramento out of SQ in 1994 and come to think of it; my college sweetheart Betsy married me in prison the first 9 months doing time. I was lowe custody and did the whole time at  a SQ Ranch outside of the walls of the prison. I NEVER had any disaplinary writeups or fights at all. 

That arrest in 1994 through me way off to a terrible road of suffering and pain. 

Susan -  after getting out of the Sacramento County jail 57 days and let out on ' informal " probation and to attend a couple of classes i have completed.  Later on 7 months later I went through divorce and after that it was no reason to stay in Northern California. So I asked my parole officer that was a very nice black man name James Washington.

He always admired my style and talents and wanted the best for me. 

He never violated my parole because of the 647.6 in 1994.

I decided to ask him to transfer my parole to LA ....

I am from LA and have plenty of family  there. I did well on parole there and never had to Register at all after being out as well.

I know you said the laws changed  while I was In prison, but it does not make sense because its insane to make someone Register after the minute order from the  1994 case stated  ( This is not. Register case)

Its almost like saying: well I had a DUI and later I have to be placed on a list to be punished over right?

For eveyone to know im a drunk after 15 years of committed the crime.

Anyway, after being in LA for a year or so, I started passing bad checks and I did it 7 times and for 200 bucks each .....I even passed couple of them in Nevada city California....

After getting cought in LA and I was fighting 25 years to life stuck in the LA county jail fighting charges on Forgery. 

The 3 strikes law was in affect and I was placed in a tank with inmates who are fighting 25 years to life because of the 3 strikes  law ! 

I had taken a deal for 15 years so I would not get life in prison Susan.

It was so sad that when I think about it, it gives me tears. 

I did my time and it was 11 years 2 months and paroled to placer County.

Why placer ? 

Well.....LA Railroaded me with to many  charges rushing me through the system  off to prison. After a good year in prison I still had one more check Forgery charge that LA had not charged me with necaue it came up later.

Nevada city California picked  me up to answer  for the charge and treated me with respect and became the ( controlling case of LA County case.

The (Abstract of judgment) was no longer LA County. It became Nevada County. They removed 3 years from my sentence and fixed the mistakes LA had made. Crazy huh? 

So after my 11 years I completed on good behavior and no writeups or fights at all. I came out a normal person because I love God and walked with him Susan.

Placer was a very very hateful place for parole. They put a Ankle bracelet on me and I had it on for 2 years. I never understood why or got true answers from parole. They had some very way out conditions on me and I was on Megan's law at that time. 

Devastating for sure. Later on 3 years after getting some help from. A friend who helped me file a form to the DOJ they had taken me off the Megan's law list thank God! 

Later on parole taken me off the Ankle monitor as well. Bit I was ordered to register still the day I got out.

Do you think this has something to do with the 288 placed on my jacket from. Classification from folsom state prison that day? Heartburn! 

My story.

Mr. Sanders 

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