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Saturday, June 11, 2022


DANGER: Three Felony Convictions in California

We promised our readers details on how one of Ralph Sanders' female victims turned the tables on this dangerous career criminal and put him on the run in Southern California. We promised to keep the victim’s name confidential, on condition that she provide us with  a treasure trove of documents regarding how Sanders continues to operate his criminal enterprise, without any fear of law enforcement. All documents received will later be published,  so the public can get an inside look at Ralph Sanders' world of ongoing criminal operations.

As we have previously reported on the criminality of Ralph Innochina Sanders a/k/a Shawn Sanders, Raphael S. , Sean Sanders, Sean Black, Ralph Overseas 6/6” Sanders, Jerry Cartwhite, Jerry Cartwright,  his modus operandi is scamming naive women out of their money and destroying their good credit ratings.He meets most of his victims while being employed at auto dealerships as a salesperson. To get hired, Sanders frequently provided his employer with fake social security and other identifying information to conceal his lengthy criminal convictions. In truth and in fact, Sanders was successfully in duping many Northern California dealerships into hiring him just to get enough time to run his textbook fraud on vulnerable female customers.

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On his Background Check application, Sanders fraudulently provided the investigation company,Vigilant Employment Screening, an address of rental property in El Dorado Hills with no criminal history,  and a clean arrest record. Since most Background Checks go back only seven years, including place of residence, he comes clean on each check for a criminal record. 

The last employer that he duped with his fraud, Coliseum Lexus of Oakland, was alerted by one of his victims providing the attached letter from California Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV), depicting Sanders’s conviction.

Subsequent to the victim outsmarting Sanders and repossessing the Mercedes Benz, Sanders swindled her into financing it for him and refused to make payments. The imposter set his sights on Southern California, only to be discovered using Lyft in Orange County California for his transportation to and from Anaheim Hills Jeep Dodge. 

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The man who brags to people that he is a wealthy former Sacramento Kings/NBA star, as depicted in the photo below attempting to hawking his a self-published book full of his lies, 

Sanders have realized over the years, his reputation of scamming people is all over the Internet; so, with his ill-gotten money, he hired Reputation Rhino to conceal his criminal history on the internet. The questions most of his victims are asking, how can a person earning $15.06 per hour as used car salespersons afford to pay a Reputation Management company over $1500.00 to hide their criminality?

We applaud the efforts of the victim for being so diligent in uncovering Sanders' ongoing criminality activity, from the treasures of information Sanders hurriedly left in the back of the repo vehicle. Stay tuned for what's next.

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