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Sunday, January 9, 2022



Sanders often poses with automobiles that he has obtained through fraud and deception.

 Reports from California confirm that the Mercedes Benz luxury automobile that the California career criminal, RALPH SANDERS, stole from one of his many female victims, has been recovered. Sanders had conned the victim into letting him have the expensive automobile temporarily, and he not only refused to return it, he used it to demonstrate his wealth to additional potential victims, to convince them to lend him money, automobile, or other items of value, as part of his organized scheme to defraud vulnerable single women through trickery and deception. A two-time convicted felon, who served a total of 15 years in California's prisons, Sanders is expected to draw a life sentence on his next conviction. He is a sexual predator who is a dangerous individual, operating a the State of California.

According to a reliable source, the subject vehicle was being hidden at the residence of a subsequent girlfriend, who was cooperating with Sanders, and who is also a likely victim. She was nasty to the repo agent. The vehicle was located after Sanders filed a false police report disclosing the address of the Mercedes, and other personal information.

Evidence that further implicates Sanders in extensive criminal activities was recovered, found hidden within the vehicle. It has reportedly been turned over to California law enforcement for investigation.

Sanders often takes temporary employment at automobile dealerships, to facilitate his criminal schemes. He is prohibited by law from holding a license to sell automobiles, but he uses an alias to circumvent the law. His illegal conduct is eventually discovered by automobile dealers, but by then he has defrauded still more female victims, stolen their cars and money, and absconded, making threats to commit physical harm to them if they pursue a claim.


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