Monday, August 23, 2021


This is RALPH SANDERS*; he is one of the State of California's most dangerous career criminals, yet he remains free to find and inflict financial ruin on new vulnerable female victims, all because the State of California and the Sacramento office of the FBI seem to be too busy to arrest, convict and imprison this twice-convicted felon. His many victims, especially the new ones from 2021, are amazed that law enforcement agencies will not respond to their pain, financial loss and fear that he will eventually violently attack them for filing complaints against him with the authorities. 

The FBI Sacramento office, which is in Roseville CA, has failed to assist the many female victims who have personally filed complaints against Sanders through that office, giving evidence of how they were manipulated an scammed by this criminal. Several of them have spoken with the Special Agent in Charge of that office (the SAC) SEAN RAGAN, and Special Agent (S/A) RACHAEL LACHAPELLE, but the FBI has failed to arrest Sanders. One victim alleged Sanders duped the agents and sent them on  on fruitless assignments and leads to confuse them.

                                                      Sacramento FBI SAC Sean Ragan

Given the complete lack of response fro the FBI Sacramento office, its is suggested that the victims  go up the chain of command, and contact the FBI Headquarters in Washington, DC directly, to demand that action be taken against this Public Enemy. Some of the victims have told me that they believe their lives will be in danger if Sanders finds out that they have been seeking to enforce their victims' rights against him. They demand that he be arrested and convicted, so that the courts can order Restitution. 

 Several victims have stated that these two agents are very difficult to reach, once they have given their statement, and that some have been told that their evidence and testimony was insufficient for the Bureau to proceed; others claims that they have been totally ignored by the Sacramento office, once they gave their information to S/A LaChapelle. 

A number of the victims actually feel that the agents are incompetent. They assert that Sanders is guilty under California Law of Theft by Fraud, Deceit or Trick, Theft by False Pretenses, and under Federal Law for Blackmail, Embezzlement and Theft. 

He lures in his victims by claiming to be a retired NBA star, formerly with the Sacramento Kings professional basketball team, wearing their colors, and bragging about his alleged past. The Kings must know about this  deception, for it is all over the Internet, but they have ignored  him, and taken no action to date. Perhaps a class action suit for damages, filed on behalf of all the victims, might wake up the team's lawyers. His purported status as a former Kings star is a big part of his ability to scam his victims out of their money and assets.

                                     Note his use of Sacramento NBA team colors.

As for the California automobile Salesperson License, which you see above, it was granted to him by the State of California, notwithstanding that he is ineligible to hold one. The State has cancelled previous licenses, but somehow, he continues to be able to obtain one. Don't they have facial recognition software there ? The issuance of a license is definitely negligence, and we demand to know why.

                        Sanders uses his position as a salesman to cheat his victims out of their cars

Ralph Sanders is not listed in California's Megan's Law database as a Registered Sex Offender, but he was convicted in the State of California, in Sacramento Superior Court, for Child Molestation. 

Do we have to learn that Sanders has killed his latest victim, before he is taken off the streets, and sent to prison for the rest of his life, under the Three Strikes Law ? His victims, who are young single women whom he entraps, then steal from, deserve better. Justice demands no less. 

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