Saturday, July 11, 2020


We have previously reported on the activities of the thrice-convicted fraudster, RALPH SANDERS a/k/a RAFAEL SANDERS a/k/a RAPHAEL SANDERS, who has preyed upon customers of the SAN LENANDRO CHRYSLER-DODGE-JEEP automobile dealership, as a salesperson, although he is prohibited by law from holding the required California occupational license. Is the dealership liable to the State of California, and to the dealer's customers, who gave Sanders their personal information, including financial data, when he should never have been hired in the first place ? How much information did he illegally access ?

Pursuant to California Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) Vehicle Code Section 11800-11824, the Occupational Licensing Division requires that all vehicle salespersons must be employed by a dealer, as defined in Section 285, and anyone who, under any form of contract, agreement, or arrangement with a dealer, for commission, money, profit or other thing of value, sells, exchanges, buys, or offers for sale, negotiates, or attempts to negotiate, a sale or exchange of an interest in a vehicle, is required to be registered under this code. See

It shall be unlawful for any person to act as a vehicle salesperson without having first procured a license or temporary permit, issued by the Department.When that license or temporary permit issued by the Department has been cancelled, suspended, or invalidated, or has expired, the State of California, via the Occupational Licensing Division, also requires a live scan fingerprint, which is then fed into the California Department of Justice (DOJ) criminal database, and the FBI NCIC database. The State of California's Occupational Licensing Division has strict laws prohibiting the hiring of convicted felons, particularly individuals like Sanders, who has been convicted three times of theft, forgery, and other financial crimes, as they cannot be allowed access to potential customers' personal and financial information.

Ralph Sanders has been twice previously denied a Vehicle Sales License, pursuant to California Vehicle Code §11806, due to his extensive criminal history. He is a three-time convicted felon and scam artist, who has served over 15 years in state prison, for fraud, forgery, identity theft and child molestation.The question remains: how was Ralph Innachia Sanders also known as Rafael Sanders, Raphael Sanders, Rafael S, Shawn Sanders, and Sean Black, whose Date of Birth is 4 February 1968, a con man, pathological liar, child molester, and highly manipulative individual, able to secure employment at the San Lenandro Chrysler-Dodge-Jeep dealership ?

Security experts and financial crime professionals are questioning whether San Lenandro management was reckless in hiring an individual with convictions for major financial crimes as a salesman, without subjecting his application to a due diligence investigation. The lack of a complete in-depth background investigation on Sanders may have negligently compromised the personal and financial information of many dealership customers.

Additionally, Federal and State Information Security and Data Breach Notification laws require mandatory reporting of information. San Lenandro Chrysler had a legal obligation to notify former, potential and existing clients of the possibility that their personal and financial information may have been compromised. Any damages sustained by the victims, as the direct and proximate result of this failure to notify them of Sanders' potential data breach would be the responsibility of the dealership. Such gross negligence might also give rise to an award of punitive damages to the victims, in addition to actions by state regulatory agencies against the dealership.

Ralph Sanders continues to carry out his campaign of deception, fraud, forgery, burglary, extortion, intimidation and threat of bodily harm, in the State of California. When will California law enforcement close down his criminal career ?


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