Thursday, June 25, 2020


What you are seeing above is a mansion truly fit for a king, or he who would be king in these troubled times; located in Dominca's exclusive Morne Daniel district, it will be the new home of Dominica's Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit, if we believe our most reliable sources.

Fit for a king, or a pretender to the throne.
According to insiders, the Cabinet has authorized that the mansion be rented, at the royal rate of EC$32,000 a month, from Montreal Management, for the use of Roosevelt Skerrit. That's allmost twelve thousand US Dollars. Extravagant, you say ?  This rubber-stamp approval is said to be a state secret, not available to the public.

Another insider, who is in a position to know, has confirmed that the tue owner of the property is actually Roosevelt Skerrit himself. He has set up the fiction of a rental in order to justify the expenditure of a large sum every month, which one can only image where it will end up.

Rumors abound in Dominca's capital, Roseau that there's a lot of diplomatic passport cash floating around that needs to be cleaned before it can see the light of day. Can you say money laundering in patois ? 

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