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Wednesday, June 24, 2020


The Face of the Enemy

In many states, individuals with felony convictions may seal or expunge their criminal records after all their conditions of release have been complied with. However, in states like California, a convicted criminal cannot erase his records from public access, nor delete their fingerprints from the FBIs National Crime Information Center (NCIC), or the states' criminal justice databases, especially if any of his convictions are for child molestation or any other sex crimes.

The convicted fraudster, predator, blackmailer & pedophile, RALPH SANDERS, also known as Rafael Sanders, Rafeal Sanders, or more recently, RAFAEL S, has been trying to conceal his extensive criminal record by resorting to a number of cloaking methods. Sanders is a three-time convicted felon and career criminal, and has been featured on this blog multiple times.

Sanders was able to deceive the San Leandro (California) Chrysler-Dodge-Jeep automobile dealership into hiring him, due to his use of a clean alias. He also fooled the owners and managers of the San Francisco City Cats, a junior basketball team, which hired him as its marketing director. The Cats later discovered that he was semi-literate, unable to perform his duties, and has a lengthy criminal history, including three prison sentences for Forgery, Burglary and Battery, all served in Caifornia state prisons, and prison sentences in a number of states.

After we reported on June 8, 2020 on his multiple frauds, he relocated to yet another Northern California city, and continued to target  professional businesswomen, all of whom hold important and well-paying jobs. He attracted several of his latest victims by passing himself off as a retired Sacramento Kings professional basketball star, and a current coach for the Golden State Warriors. After he defrauded them out of a substantial sum of money, he threatened and intimidated them, making repeated telephone calls and text messages, and posting false statements about them to the Internet, including publishing bogus stories to the dodgy Rip off Report website. He is a classic predator, and quite dangerous when exposed and cornered.

 He then notified his victims that he would not remove the bogus statements from the Web unless they paid him, which constitutes blackmail and extortion in the State of California.

This ignorant and illiterate fraudster also has created a bogus blog to falsely accuse and harshly attack this blogger and others, for accurately reporting the facts, and alerting the public at large about the threats that he poses, giving Sanders much needed exposure. The fraudster also created a false narrative, without an iota of proof, and committed identity theft by using an unauthorized business name in his profile. The owners of the legitimate business have been alerted to his fraudulent use of their names and businesses.

To combat the negative publicity that has appeared online against him in the past, Sanders appeals to the naive, and alleges that the author is merely a deranged individual solely responsible for the Internet postings. In truth and in fact, he has long been under criminal investigation by law enforcement, due to the many complaints received from his female victims.

Sanders continues to feel the heat, and the ever-present threat of being exposed to his victims, due to the widespread dissemination of his method of operation. Numerous victims have now stepped forward, to file complaints with law enforcement, which is actively investigating his ongoing crime spree. The public in California should be alerted to his methods, and remain on guard. He has a history of stalking his victims first, then dispatching street thugs to their homes and businesses after they complain to the law, in the hope that they can be intimidated into silence, not testify against him, and terminate their cooperation with the authorities.

Watch out for this guy, Californians. If you encounter him, do not engage in conversation, notify your local law enforcement, or the FBI,  immediately. Do not give him your name, or any other personal information, lest he later seek you out, and makes you his latest victim.

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