Monday, June 8, 2020


This is the convicted fraudster, predator, blackmailer and pedophile RALPH SANDERS, though he usually calls himself Rafael Sanders, Rafeal Sanders, or more lately, RAFAEL S. He is a three-time convicted felon and career criminal whom we have previously featured on this blog* several times, but whom we are again warning the public, and local law enforcement agencies, about so that they can identify and stop this career criminal from preying upon any more victims in Northern California.

The fraudster at work.

His most recent place of employment, and where he finds and targets many of his victms, is an automobile dealership located in California and known as SAN LEANDRO CHRYSLER DODGE AND JEEP, 1444 Marina Boulevard, San Leandro, CA 94577. He is a used car salesman there.

How he ever was able to pass a pre-employment check is not known, because he has three felony convictions, and has spent a large portion of his life in prison, but he constantly changes the aliases he uses, so they may not know him by his real name. He is known to have sold used cars to several women who he targeted and later became some of his victims, after he subsequently defrauded them through bogus investments.

Sanders' latest alias.

His favorite method is to frequent shopping centers, supermarkets, hotels and casino parking lots. When a female arrives alone, he damages their tires while they are inside the building, and when they attempt to drive away, he swoops in like a Good Samaritan to assist a female in distress, pointing out their flat tire, to ingratiate himself to the victim, or just to obtain contact information, for further criminal action against the woman. Once he has befriended his target, he delivers his bogus life story as a celebrity, and commences the fraud.

This highly manipulative career criminal is known to search the Internet for recent crime stories. He then plagiarized the article by changing the names and dates, then copying and pasting the content on dodgy websites, to intimidate, harass, defame and slander his victims.

If you have been a victim of this fraudster, you are urged to contact local law enforcement agency**, or the local office of the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Do not attempt to confront him, as he has a violent temper and should be considered dangerous. For further information, please read any of the four prior articles about Sanders on this Blog. Kindly use the white search box at the top of the page to access each article.
*Ralph Sanders - Inside the Mid of a Career Criminal;  March 10, 2020
*When will the NBA shut down this Career Criminal who claims to be a former Sacramento Kings Star ?; March 8, 2020.
*Fraudster Ralph Sanders a/k/a Rafael Sanders a/k/a Raphael Sanders, claimng to be ex-Sacramento NBA Star, has a Long List of Victims in California;  February 1, 2020.
* Alert: California Predator and Fraudster Ralph Sanders a/k/a Rafael Sanders has relocated to Panama;  March 24, 2016.

**NOTE for law enforcement:
    Other known aliases

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