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Wednesday, March 28, 2018


With the Syrian-owned Belgian company Semlex much in the news these days, it might be important to inquire into whether the company is the firm that quietly manufactured several thousand Dominica passports, which were reportedly sent to Morocco. This information, which came from reliable sources inside Dominica, was denied by the country's government, which boasted of its high level of passport security in Roseau, but if the passports were made by another supplier, and never made it to Dominica, then their denials are merely a smokescreen to cover the truth. Semlex is the current supplier of voter ID cards to Dominica.

 A number of these passports were found in Syria, on ISIS terrorists, though there has been an effort to keep this nasty detail out of the news; the fact that CBI passports, from another country, were also found in ISIS hands, has also escaped major media attention.

Albert Karaziwan

Back to Semlex; there is no additional information regarding the pending Belgian criminal investigation into both the company and its owner/founder Albert Karaziwan, though both company offices, and Karaziwan's home, were raided and searched in January, 2018. More than two decades ago, in the 1990s, Karaziwan was engaged in passport forgery in Europe, preparing documents to order, and charging a minimum of $10,000.* When the Swiss Government closed down his operation, he moved it to Brussels. Karaziwan later was accused of conducting an extensive blackmail operation in the Balkan countries. The proceeds of these crimes were reportedly used to fund his subsequent businesses.
* This information came directly from one of the operators who conducted the covert investigation into his Zurich passport fraud operation, which resulted in the termination of his fraud, and who indicated that he is available to present evidence of Karaziwan's prior criminal conduct.

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