Kenneth Rijock

Kenneth Rijock

Saturday, March 17, 2018


This is a 2016 Special Warranty Deed transferring title to improved real estate, located in Pembroke Pines, Florida, to Gaston Browne, the Prime Minister of Antigua and Barbuda. Note that it was an all-cash transaction, and the Prime Minister paid $673,000 for the property. Where exactly does a Caribbean government leader, earning only a small salary, get over six hundred thousand dollars to purchase a home in another country? We have verified that there was no mortgage financing. Mr. Browne needs to answer some questions about this purchase.

There are a number of Red Flags surrounding the transaction:

(1) Browne's mailing address is listed as a real estate broker's office in Florida, not the actual property address, which is located at the Estates of Mayfair.
(2)  Browne took title as "a Single Man," though we know that he is married with a family. Florida law provides that a wife is entitled to a portion of all realty owned by a husband during the marriage. It is not known whether he perjured himself by misrepresenting his marital status at the closing.

Why is Browne's wife not on the deed ?  She is from Antigua's Bird family, as is the wife of his attorney, Dominica's Anthony Astaphan. The Birds were closely linked to former banking regulator, Leroy King, who has been fighting extradition to the United States for a decade, and many observers believe that, when King is eventually removed to the United States, he will quickly cooperate with Federal prosecutors, and name all the members of the extended Bird family as recipients of massive bribes and kickbacks. That is why his extradition has reportedly been delayed for more than ten years.

If the Receiver appointed to assemble assets, to pay the victims of R Allen Stanford's Stanford International Bank, seeks to recover from the extended Bird family, he could seize the assets of Browne, claiming an interest in the proceeds of crime, if his wife was on this property. he could also  force Browne to identify the Source of Funds for the purchase, which might incriminate him.    Browne is alleged to own several; properties in the United States, the value of which far exceed his  ability, using his known income and assets, to purchase them.


The Panama City law firm of Mossack & Fonseca, exposed by the Panama Papers as the favorite destination of corrupt Politically Exposed Persons (PEPs), tax evaders, and financial criminals of every stripe, has announced that it will close. Only a skeleton staff will remain, to answer court process and supply information to law enforcement, as needed. The firm came to symbolize the global use of offshore corporations as a financial obscenity that has no place in legitimate commerce.

The reasons stated by an M & F spokesman for the closing are telling:
(1) Reputational damage.
(2) The negative media coverage.
(3) The response of the financial community.
(4) Subsequent actions by Panamanian regulators, prosecutors and law enforcement agencies.

Whether the three senior partners of the firm will ever be convicted, one year after their arrest, remains to be seen. Some current leaders in Panama could fall, if the arrested M & F partners disclose their corrupt use of the law firm for financial gain.

The suspects

The attorneys who worked at M & F have largely transitioned into other jobs; law enforcement seems to have no interested in prosecuting them, so er will be watching to see whether they follow in their former bosses' footsteps,  as attorney-criminals.

Friday, March 16, 2018


As we have detailed in a prior article, only a very small percentage of the Antiguans holding their country's diplomatic passport are actually accredited diplomats. The vast majority of the others are a mixed bag of dodgy foreign nationals, who have paid a princely sum for their treasured travel document, and local politicians, party members, friends and family, none of whom are legally authorized to receive one.

 Under international law, diplomatic passports can only be issued to working diplomats, who are posted or assigned to a specific mission or task, and whose credentials must be presented, and accepted, by the authorities, at the jurisdiction where the diplomat is assigned to. The holder cannot use it for pleasure travel; he must use his personal passport. It is not a trophy, suitable to show off at parties, but restricted to actual diplomats. So why does the Government of Antigua give them out like candy ?

Let's take a closer look at the recipients:

(1) Members of the Parliament of Antigua & Barbuda parliament, and their spouses.
(2) A individual knighted by Antigua.
(3) A person designated "National Hero."
(4) An Honorary Consul.
(5) Government ministers & their wives.
(6) The Attorney General.
(7) The former Attorney General.
(8) The former Governor-General.
(9) The sales and marketing manager, New York.
(10) The Registrar of Lands.
(11) Economist.
(12) "Film ambassador."
(13) The children of most of the above.

Honestly, is there ANYONE in Antigua government that does not have a diplomatic passport ? One wonders how many times these "diplomats" have used their bogus documents to breeze their way past customs and immigration agents at airports in the developing world, used them to evade payment of costs and fees, and even attempt to evade arrest when detained, claiming "diplomatic immunity," which they do not, under any circumstances, possess.

All of the foregoing passports should be recovered, and cancelled of record; Antigua needs to clean up this mess, before it is embarrassed by someone trying to use it to facilitate a crime.

A final note: diplomatic passports are furnished without charge to bona fide diplomats. Did these individuals pay someone in Antiguan government to obtain them ?


Kim Jong-Un and Kim Jong-Il, Enemies of Peace
Will the Fire Sale in CBI passports, offered by five Eastern Caribbean republics, who have reduced their prices in the aftermath of last year's hurricane, allow still more career criminals, terrorists, sanctions evaders, corrupt government officials, and assorted bad actors, to get an invaluable identity document, often in another name, to facilitate evil acts.

Look at the image above; it is a newly-released photograph of two legal Brazilian passports, complete with aliases, obtained by the past & present Supreme Leaders of North Korea, who is considered by experts to be the greatest threats to peace. Jong-Il, the father, then the leader of his country, also possessed such a bogus, yet totally legitimate, document, as you can see. The Kim family reportedly used the passports in international travel throughout Asia, as evidenced by visas.

I can show you literally dozens of CBI and diplomatic passports, obtained at extraordinary expense from one of the five East Caribbean governments, sold to individuals presently under arrest, or in custody facing criminal charges, all over the globe, often using high-powered, by borderline unethical global consultancies, and who would never have passed a genuine enhanced due diligence investigation. They are sanctioned Iranians, Chinese white collar criminals, Russian organized crime, and sundry other fugitives from justice.

Until the CBI programs are cleaned up, you can expect Kim Jong-Il to be acquiring a Dominica, Antigua or St Kitts passport anytime now, making the issuing country radioactive.

Thursday, March 15, 2018


According to an eyewitness, a senior Antigua government officer bragged that he was going to spend USD$50,000 per day, to pay voters not to vote in the upcoming national elections. He reportedly stated that he will give each voter $20 to surrender his voter identification card, which is a prerequisite to be allowed to cast a vote in any election in Antigua. It was further alleged that he intends to spend an equal amount of his money, each day, until the election, to insure that the Antigua Barbuda Labour Party (ABLP) wins, and remains in power. Bear in mind that either giving, or receiving anything of value, regarding the casting of a vote in an election, to influence the vote, is a crime in Antigua and Barbuda.

Officials in the Labour Government have threatened several whistle blowers with arrest, have taken steps to insure that any arriving journalists are detained and deported, and initiated nasty character assassination techniques upon their opponents. Their arrogance, and utter disregard for the Rule of Law knows no bounds. They believe they can act with impunity, influence and direct the results of the national election, and continue to commit corrupt acts, and other crimes, solely to illegally remain in public office. We trust that the people will have the final say in who will govern them.


Foreign media sources are reporting that voters in Antigua are being offered a payment, in exchange for the  temporary surrender of their voter identification card. Without that document proving identity, Antiguans are unable to cast their vote in the upcoming national elections. In essence, it is a bribe offered to voters. These allegations are said to have been made by the Opposition, and they have a factual basis; it is alleged at the Labor Party, which is led by the Prime Minister, Gaston Browne, is offering the money to voters.

Taking any form of payment, or benefit, to refrain from voting, is a violation of local law in Antigua; bribery charges can also be brought against the individual or individuals who offered the payment to the voters.

Wednesday, March 14, 2018


If you want to see an example of how the Dominica Citizenship by Investment (CBI) program plays fast and loose with the truth, to aid criminal conduct, take a close look at the two passports in this article. They are his original Egyptian passport, and his CBI passport.  Notice that a middle name was substituted for his legal, and correct, last name, thus giving him a new, sanitized identity that neither immigration agents, nor law enforcement investigators, will be able to connect him to.

Egyptian passport

This means that Due Diligence investigations on Dominica CBI applicants were never performed, as we suspect, and tailored alias entered in the passport, solely for criminal use. No wonder so many applicants have sought Dominica CBI passports; they are an effective stay-out-of-jail card.


The Prime Minister of Antigua & Barbuda has accused this blogger, as well as those individuals who publish our articles on other websites, of taking money from the Opposition, to write about Antigua's corruption, failed CBI, and illegal diplomatic passport programs. The Prime Ministers of Dominica, as well as Grenada, have made similar slanderous statements, and we suspect the leaders of St Lucia will get around to defaming us sooner or later. I do not accept, directly or indirectly, anything from anyone in the Caribbean, or elsewhere, to write about financial crime, wherever it occurs.

We seek only the naked truth, and the leadership of the five East Caribbean republics that offer CBI programs need to clean up the rampant corruption that exist in their houses. When there is true transparency in those nations, I will stop exposing each and every corrupt act that I uncover. Shoot the messenger is the last resort of the scoundrels who fail to serve the people that elected them in good faith.


This week's elections in Grenada have demonstrated that Grenadians have little or no interest in reform; notwithstanding the massive public scandal over the sale of illegal diplomatic passports to unsavory, as well as criminal, elements, the voters have returned the incumbents to office.

Extremely damaging news, regarding the covert sale of diplomatic passports, under circumstances that confirm the recipients were individuals not engaged in diplomacy, but other personal, as well as criminal pursuits, any of which is a violation of United Nations regulations, has appeared, on Wikileaks, in major media, and on this blog.

The population of Grenada has chosen to ignore the warning signs, allowing the bad actors to remain in public office. Therefore, since reform is not on the menu in Grenada this year, if ever,  compliance officers at international banks, which are charged with assessing Country Risk, are advised to increase it to a level where transactions involving corporation or nationals from Grenada, or where funds originate from, or are destined for, that nation, are advised to institute Enhanced Due Diligence,  and to reject all transactions that fail to pass your investigation.

Tuesday, March 13, 2018


The Spanish police, specifically the DGP  (DireccĂ­on General de la Policia) fabricated incriminating documents designed to implicate Vladimir Kokorev, a Russian-Spanish businessman who has been illegally held in the Canary Islands, in a bogus money laundering case that the European Parliament had held is a political vendetta, and a human rights violation. Nobody has ever been charged in that matter, but Kokorev has been detained for two and one-half years.

The police reportedly inserted arms sales contracts, to incriminate Kokorev, into a USB device presented as evidence, after an appellate court ruling forced prosecutors to release their alleged evidence against Kokorev. An independent IT expert concluded, after analyzing the device, that it has been manipulated, and the alterations were traced back to the DGP. There was also evidence that evidence, specifically a deposition of Ismael Gerli, a former attorney for the Kokorevs, who is facing criminal charges in the Republic of Panama.

The disclosure of evidence fabrication and manipulation is but another dark chapter in what has been a gross human rights violation, of a bogus money laundering investigation, pending solely to favor Spanish financial interests intent upon accessing, and controlling lucrative African natural resources. We trust that the European Union will, ultimately see that justice prevails, and that corrupt Canary Islands prosecutors who put innocent people in prison find themselves incarcerated, as well as those, like Ismael Gerli, who give false witness on their behalf.

Ismael Gerli Champseur


Multiple governmental sources, in the United States, Canada, and the countries of the European Union, have reported openly that they are actively considering drastic measures, to cope with the influx of financial criminals, suspected terrorist financiers, and corrupt Politically Exposed Persons (PEPs), arriving with Citizenship by Investment (CBI) passports, issued by the five East Caribbean republics who are engaged in this practice.

The stated reason is that the purported Due Diligence investigations, conducted by outside contractors, are not sufficient to identify, and therefore bar, individuals engaged in illegal occupations, and several other categories of applicants that should never have been approved. Unless there is a major reform of each nation's Due Diligence operation,  conducted within each CBI program, and not overseas, where monitoring, and accountability, are not feasible, travel bans on CBI passport holders, especially in Europe, could be imposed.

The Law of Unintended Consequences might then play a role in multiplying the consequential damage of such actions. here are some of the potential nightmares:

(1) Will wealthy CBI passport holders, turned away at airports of entry, sue the country that gave them their passports, together with assurances of visa-free travel ? Imagine if refunds were ordered by the courts, for breach of contract. The CBI consultancies, which are corporations, would fold, without personal liability of the owners, leaving the countries holding the bag on refunds.

(2)  Will overworked Customs and Immigration officials abroad simply bar ALL the individuals from those countries, when they arrive, as they may not be able to separate CBI passports from ordinary passports. Deported back to their home country, what kind of popular political furor do you think would result ?

(3) What of airlines and cruise ship companies decline to accept CB passports, fearing the $10,000 fines imposed by nations when travelers they transport are rejected, due to passport issues ?

(4) Will CBI passport holders be arrested in some non-democratic countries, generating huge damage claims against the countries issuing the CBI passports, in foreign courts ?

We  note that a number of the East Caribbean countries with CBI programs are holding elections shortly. Given that the present governments have utterly failed to create, supervise, and audit their Due Diligence programs, voters should consider replacing existing governments with those that will reform their CBI programs.


Monday, March 12, 2018


Below you will find the complete list of diplomatic passports issued by Antigua and Barbuda, to its genuine and bona fide diplomats, and sold to all others for cash. Examine it yourself, looking at each name, and you will find a number of surprising entries. Here are the ones that stand out, in my opinion:

(1) Ten individuals are listed as "Ambassador-at-Large," a vague term that in and of itself violates the Vienna Convention, which requires diplomats to be assigned to a specific mission, at a specific jurisdiction, to perform specific duties. Diplomatic Immunity, the presumed reason why purchasers would lay out a large amount of cash for their "diplomat" status, only extends to the particular country where the diplomatic is posted, and while traveling to and from that nation. The rest of the world, the diplomat has no immunity.

(2) Only 28 names are of genuine, accredited diplomats, and their spouses. What about the other 158  ? Some are listed as "Economic Envoy," a totally vague title that confers zero diplomatic responsibility for anything.

(3) Some have no description after their names; a number of which are Russians. Some say "Special Envoy," yet another amorphous job description. real diplomats do not have this title.

(4) A number of them are clearly politicians, listed by their titles, and their spouses. By what stretch of the imagination are these individual entitled to diplomatic passports ? If anything, some may be entitled to official passports, but not diplomatic.

Diplomatic passports in the wrong hands allow the holder to smuggle cash, financial instruments or precious gems through customs at a port or airport of entry, in many countries in the developing world, where diplomatic passports are golden, and never questioned.

Go through the diplomatic passport list in detail. You may be surprised at what you find.


Xiao Juanhua, a prominent Chinese banker/businessman accused of bribery and market manipulation, obtained an Antigua diplomat passport, calling into question whether a due diligence background investigation was ever conducted upon him. He was a known fugitive, wanted by China for four years, when he received the passport. Xiao was designated an ambassador at large, though no specific mission, location, or dutes were ever assigned to him. That makes his passport in violation of the provisions of the relevant UN treaty, the Vienna Convention, and therefore void ab initiio.

Xiao was reportedly given two hundred CBI passports, allegedly to sell from his base in Hong Kong. He was later kidnapped by unknown agents, and is believed to have died in the Peoples' Republic under mysterious circumstances that lend themselves to the conclusion that he was the victim of an extrajudicial execution by the Chinese Government, which is clamping down hard on corruption. His body was never found.

This case confirms that there is, in essence, insufficient due diligence initiated on CBI or diplomatic passport applicants, which poses a serious threat to any bank, or customs official, that accepts these passports as identification for any purpose, The holder could be a career criminal, terrorist financier, sanctions violator, or even OFAC-designated individual. The abuse of CBI passports remain a major international problem.

Sunday, March 11, 2018


What you are seeing here are British Pound notes that have had their denominations altered, to turn them into high-value currency in amounts never contemplated, nor issued, by the UK Government. They were retrieved in South Korea, creating the presumption that counterfeiting operators in the DPRK have been busy, turning out credible products, when they are presented in countries where most individuals are unfamiliar with British currency.

 To the rest of us, a first look at the values inscribed upon the notes immediately causes those with experience with British currency to reject them out of hand, especially due to the variation in script regarding the values. I know that most of my readers would surely dismiss them as garbage, but others not so experienced may accept them, especially when seeking hard, Western currency, in exchange for local cash. 

It is assumed that the North Koreans have exported these notes to disrupt, or damage, the UK economy, or to raise hard currency, as the DPRK economy is reportedly in serious trouble in 2018. These are known to have been warehoused in South Korea.  

Saturday, March 10, 2018


James Packer, the Australian billionaire who is reportedly a target of money laundering investigations in multiple jurisdictions, but who was approved by Government to be co-developer of a major hotel project in Barbuda, which caused Country Risk to be substantially elevated for Antigua & Barbuda, as the project is moving forward. His controversial and spotty record in international business should have disqualified him for any involvement in the economic recovery of Barbuda, and the unexplained governmental malfeasance in office for accepting him, which is more akin to gross negligence, can be laid solely at the feet of the present administration.

Didn't anyone in the present Government examine the enhanced due diligence information upon this individual ? It appears that Government simply chose to ignore what was found, in order to reverse the recent trend, where foreign investors gave Antigua a wide berth, due to fears about Government intentions towards asserting partial ownership of foreign-funded projects, but this is going from the frying pan into the fire.

More importantly, allowing Packer a developer role will put Antigua & Barbuda in the cross-hairs of a number of American law enforcement agencies, as well as regulatory agencies. Any resultant criminal cases, involving Antiguans, or foreign investors, could result in sufficient adverse publicity to damage its precious and irreplaceable tourism industry.

Does Antigua really want to be under the same intense microscope as the time when it was the subject of multiple drug money laundering investigations in the 1980s Miami Vice era ? Allowing a player like Packer to lead the Barbuda project might just kick-start a whole level of attention of the type that nobody in Antigua wants visited upon their nation in the coming years.    


The appearance of the "new & improved" North Korea-manufactured $100 Supernote, the DPRK has a number of other tricks up its sleeve, which could serve to cause a major loss of confidence in US currency. Take a close look at the bill in the image appearing above, and consider the consequences of its distribution in the developing world, not to financial institutions, but to businessman or investors seeking to convert their local notes into prized US currency.

what you are seeking is a well-made, but totally bogus, version of the $10,000 bill. The real bill has been out of circulation for decades, but this "improved" version, created on the frame of the one hundred dollar bill, which is the usual denomination for overseas hoarders of American currency, is well made. By overlaying where necessary, a credible version, at extremely high quality, results.

Of course, outside of some small bank in Outer Mongolia, no financial institution would ever accept such an impossibility, but private investors, clerks at out-of-the-way money service businesses. or uneducated foreign drug traffickers, might take them as payment, and the cycle would then start with these bogus, but very authentic looking, counterfeits.

Would these bills, in themselves, threaten the US financial structure ? Probably not, but if deployed, in conjunction with other dirty financial tricks, North Korea could do serious damage to the level of confidence foreign nationals have in the US Dollar, both in its value, and in the actual bills themselves. We will be covering some of the other dirty tricks that North Korea has created, in future articles on this blog. Have you ever seen an American million dollar bill ? How about a high-value US bill bearing the likeness of President John F Kennedy ? Stay tuned.


Thursday, March 8, 2018


If you have not read my article about Swallow Immigration Agency, Inc., you can access it here. Swallow's principal, Nousheen Pourjahani, has now been enrolled as a Promoter, or Authorized Agent, for all the East Caribbean nations that offer CBI passports: St Kitts & Nevis, Antigua & Barbuda, Dominica, St Lucia and Grenada.

Swallow maintains an office (showing no signeage, as shown in my last article) in Tehran, where Pourjahani commutes to, from her Canadian office. The extremely limited amount of information uncovered, regarding the sale of CBI passports, has confirmed that some nationals from high-risk or sanctioned countries, have obtained CBI documents from more than one East Caribbean jurisdiction. They do not disclose that they are already holding a CBI passport when applying for one in another country.

The possession of multiple CBI passports enables career criminals, terrorist financiers, fugitives from justice to confuse potential law enforcement investigators, by returning on a different passport than the one they used on their outbound trips. Given the large number of Iranians who have sought CBI passports, and the Iranian Authorized Agents and Promoters who stand ready to assist them, notwithstanding United Nations Sanctions, US OFAC sanctions, and EU sanctions, for the lucrative commissions.

With historically grossly inadequate due diligence, in virtually all the CBI jurisdictions, we cannot truly know how many completely unsuitable, and actually dangerous, Iranian nationals working for the regime, have multiple CBI passports.

Nousheen Pourjahani

   Considering that their future bad acts are foreseeable, will CBI agencies, and responsible government officials, face civil suits after their CBI clients commit a terrorist attack, cyber crime, Ponzi scheme, or other dark crimes ? They might have to disgorge all those excessive fees to victims.  Think about it, all you voters who perpetuate those schemes by reelecting leaders who ignore the fatal flaws in CBI programs.  



If you just happened upon this article, allow me to update you; all the important pleadings (filings) in both Ricardo Martinelli's Habeus Corpus petition, which he lost, and the ensuing appeal. The appelant's brief, which must contain his Points on Appeal, the issues which he is relying upon to reverse the judge's order,  and retrieve him for extradition to Panama, will tell us what we want to know. Unfortunately, we are unable to read it.

All the relevant pleadings in both files are shown as requiring permission, which the public & the media conveniently do not have. Therefore, we cannot verify whether the Panama rumors, about Donald Trump & one of Martinelli's sons having been "guests" at three Panama City bordellos, and that Martinelli's illegal video surveillance program had captured information about classified American operations in Latin America.

I wonder why the major American media has not yet picked up on the fact that they cannot access the extradition files of Panama's reportedly most corrupt president, don't you ?  

Wednesday, March 7, 2018


A careful review of the list of CBI consultants approved by the Government of Antigua, who are authorized to assist applicants for the country's Citizenship by Investment program make application for Antiguan passports, shows at least eight individuals I have identified as Persian, from their surnames. While their immigration businesses may be located in Canada, or the United Arab Emirates, their marketing targets are Iranians. Why is this dangerous ? Can anybody say Alireza Monfared ?

These CBI consultants speak Farsi, are either expats, or directly descended from immigrants, and have existing familial or business relationships within Iran, making them ideal representatives to attract applicants, and close CBI agreements, earning a substantial commission in the process. Some actually regularly visit Iran, to drum up new clients, but who are these clients ?

Bear in mind that Iran represents a clear and present danger to the West, through its  rogue nuclear weapons and ballistic programs, which require it to acquire dual-use goods and high tech components after through covert overseas operations. Also, many prominent Iranians are sanctioned by the Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC), whether they be Iran Revolutionary Guard Corps Al Quds officers, or Politically Exposed Persons (PEPs), or leaders of sanctioned government-controlled companies.

Should Iranian nationals who are threats to National Security obtain CBI passports from Antigua, their ability to enter a large number of countries, visa-free, will facilitate their illicit operations. Though Antigua and Barbuda is an ally of both the US & Canada, as well as the European Union, the present government's desire for the lucrative CBI income trumps any concerns or hesitations they should have for accepting terrorist financiers, WMD supplier purchasers, or intelligence agents engaged in espionage.

We can identify them, even with Antiguan passports, you say ? You forget that Iranian names, which are in the Perso-Arabic alphabet, must be transliterated into English, into the Latin Alphabet.  Unless facial recognition software has a decent image to work with,  exact identification, once the CBI passport is issued, is problematic for law enforcement.

Antigua's CBI program badly needs reform, to red line nationals from Iran, and other countries that pose an unacceptable level of risk. Until global security overrides avarice in Antigua, bad actors will be able to obtain that prized passport.




Buried in a 36-page Criminal Complaint filed in US District Court in New Jersey* against a Chinese trading company alleged to be the front for a sanctioned North Korean bank, Korea Kwangson Banking Corp., is the allegation that the disgraced Panama city law firm of Mossack and Fonseca formed three British Virgin Islands corporations, to act as additional intermediaries for the North Korean bank.  These BVI companies were able to purchase needed goods for the DPRK, without alerting sellers that they were, in essence, vending goods to an internationally sanctioned entity, and rogue nation.

Inasmuch as a considerable amount of time, has elapsed since the name partners at Mossack Fonseca, as well as an additional partner, were arrested in Panama, and no trial date has been set, or other significant progress been made in moving the criminal case along to a conviction and sentence, perhaps it is time for the United States to add the Mossack partners to that case, or file a new one, so that justice may be properly served. Given the broad scope of Mossack & Fonseca's criminal acts, they deserve no less. They used their special skills to operate a racketeering enterprise, and should be punished accordingly.

Mossack & Fonseca, partners in crime.

United States of America vs. Dandong Hongxiang Indistrial Development Co Ltd. et al (D NJ).

Tuesday, March 6, 2018


A fair reading of the list, released last year, of those individuals holding diplomatic passports, issued by the Government of Antigua and Barbuda, shows that a number of them have been given to foreign real estate developers & CBI consultants, and their wives, and even family members. Are these types of passport recipients obtaining these prized documents, which can be easily used to avoid customs and immigration, if properly employed, merely "professional courtesies," or do they have a darker purpose ?

We are all too familiar with the case of the Iranian intelligence agent, Alireza Monfared, who was a partner in the billion dollar Iran oil-for-gold sanctions evasion scandal, and who is currently being held incommunicado in an Iranian prison, facing the same death penalty issued to his associate, Babak Zanjani. Monfared used his Dominica diplomatic passport to not only escape arrest, but to evade customs inspection and interrogation en route, when he sought refuge in Dominica, carrying a quantity of wealth that would raise eyebrows, were he not masquerading as a diplomat on his way home.

One of the facts of life in the CBI world is that developers and CBI consultancies often find themselves being handed deposits, in cash, as well as CBI fees, with instructions from the clients to avoid a paper trail, which might be discovered in the clients' home country and/or taxman. With a diplomatic passport, the possibility exists to cut around customs lines, especially in the developing countries, and deliver funds directly to the government agency which will issue the passport.

Disregard for a moment, the fact that these diplomatic passports violate international and United Nations regulations and laws, and are a rude insult to genuine diplomats, they could facilitate money laundering on a grand scale. Neither the CBI developers nor CBI consultancies are constrained by any licenses and permits they must hold, in their respective industries. It is a huge loophole through which virtually any smart individual can drive a truck through, and all due to the issuance of diplomatic passports to those who should not be receiving them.

For those readers who want to see the evidence for themselves, below you will find the first page from the Antigua diplomatic passport list. Look for known CBI consultants and real estate developers linked to the CBI program.


 The Government of Haiti has taken the extraordinary step of recalling its ambassador to the United Nations, after the chief of the UN Mission to Haiti stated that she supported a new corruption inquiry into how $2bn was spent by government officials. Haiti, known as the most corrupt state in the Western Hemisphere, has always resisted the exposure of the rampant official corruption whic has turned it into the region's only failed state.

Susan Page, who is the Deputy Special Representative for the Rule of law of the United States Stabilization Mission in Haiti (MINUJUSTH) , in a statement, supported complaints by Haitian citizens demanding an accounting of how these funds were paid out, allegedly for services rendered, and identifying the individuals who were the ultimate recipients. An investigative judge has now been assigned to the matter, which has incurred the anger and displeasure of Haiti's president, Jovenel Moise. Recalling its ambassador betrays the current Haitian government's wish to continue its opaque, and utterly corrupt, form of governing, where billions of dollars in aid and donations  is diverted from those in need, to the pockets of amoral "public servants" who do not serve the public trust.

Authoritative Haitian sources have disclosed that Special Representative Page plans to organize a Truth Commission, to expose decades of corruption on Haiti, and that she has a list of fifteen present and former  government officials that she wishes the Commission to publicly interview. She reportedly plans to interview very senior government officials from the governments of:
(1)  RenĂ© Preval.
(2)  Michel Martelly.
(3) Jovenel Moise.

Certain family members of senior politicians are also included in the list of individuals to be interviewed. Unexplained income and assets are to be one topic that will be covered by the Truth Commission. It is not known whether any limited grants of immunity from prosecution will be extended, and whether they will be effective, both as to Haiti, and other jurisdictions.

It seems to be the absolute height of arrogance for a government to withdraw one's ambassador from an international body dedicated to peace and justice, for supporting transparency. When government officials are more interested in feathering their own nests, rather than serving its people, it must be exposed. Bring on the Truth Commission, please.



Notwithstanding its appearance last November, I can find no alert, warning or public announcement, from any US regulator, or law enforcement agency, notifying the American financial community at large, about the new Series 2006 North Korean $100 "Supernote." This new counterfeit note, which was first seen in South Korea in 2017,  reportedly defies easy identification as a fake.

Not only is the Supernote extremely difficult to recognize, its release comes at a time when North Korea is desperate for hard currency, due to international sanctions, and other factors, and if the Supernote is sold off, in bulk, to criminal elements, it could seriously damage America's image abroad, and cause widespread reluctance to accept ANY one hundred dollar bill, even those later than 2006, which have a host of additional anti-counterfeiting features.

Where is the US Secret Service in all of this ? That agency has primary responsibility in protecting the public from counterfeiting of US currency, and I understand that no examples of the new Supernote have yet to appear in the Continental United States, but this is an excellent time to alert the financial industry about the issue.

Monday, March 5, 2018


A fair reading of the above advertisement indicates that individuals who purchase a residence in Ajman, United Arab Emirates will automatically be able to acquire a CBI passport from Antigua & Barbuda. While the Government of Antigua has gone to great pains to emphasize that the applicants must duly qualify, the thrust of the marketing pitch of the developer, Sweet Homes Group, is that purchasers of one will quickly end up with the other. Given the long history of abysmal performance of due diligence investigations into CBI applicants in the East Caribbean, and the rumor that no applicant who has tendered funds for an Ajman property has been denied a CBI passport, any such assurances are meaningless.

Moreover, since the real estate purchase only calls for only a five per cent (5%) down payment at closing, and that prized Antiguan passport, which allows individuals from high-risk/sanctioned/terrorist supporting jurisdictions visa-free access to EU and Commonwealth countries, can be had, without spending an extraordinary outlay of cash, which other CBI programs demand.

Now, on to even more serious territory; students of modern Middle East history know that Yassir Arafat's PLO was the sole Arab organization that supported Saddam Hussein's 1990 invasion, and brutal occupation, of Kuwait. After the First Gulf War, virtually all the expat Palestinians residing in Kuwait fled, or were expelled, and a number relocated to the UAE. Palestinians, including those who identify politically with Hamas, are aware of Ajman's pro-Palestinian policies, wherever they currently reside. Hamas has government support in the Emirates, and its leaders cannot help but to be attracted to the project's plum prize passport.

Additionally, Hamas agents can easily access information about this UAE-based company, complete a purchase, and go on to take possession of the property and passport, all without ever having to visit  Antigua or Barbuda. Those leaders under OFAC or international sanctions can evade identification by transliterating their legal names into slightly altered aliases, in the English language, allowing them worry-free international travel.

Only when a comprehensive list of all issued CBI passports is published will we be able to determine how many have been delivered to Palestinians linked to Hamas. The stated purpose of  CBI programs is to create cash flow for a developing country, including the purchase of local real estate investments by the applicants, creating jobs, as well as fees for economic passports, both of which impact the jurisdiction. This perverted version of CBI does not help Antigua & Barbuda recover from hurricane damage, and it results in totally unsuitable individuals, from high risk countries obtaining passports, which could be used for terrorist financing purposes. 


The international corruption watchdog agency, Transparency International, has severely criticized the Citizenship by Investment program offered by many countries of the European Union, for failing to meet even the minimum due diligence standards necessary to insure that clearly unqualified applicants will never be approved for their "Golden Visas," Europe's term for CBI passports.

European nations still outside the EU are also offering CBI products, but they are also failing in due diligence of applicants, either through negligence, or intentionally.  Ana Gomes, a member of the European Parliament, described the program operated by Cyprus as "Absolutely perverse, immoral, and increasingly alarming."

Readers who wish to review the TI White Paper, entitled Gold for Visas, may access it here.. The article notes that the CBI scheme was started by St Kitts & Nevis. It is recommended reading for anyone with an interest in the current flaws of CBI programs, whether in Malta, or in the nations of the East Caribbean.

Sunday, March 4, 2018


Series 2006, top, later versions, bottom
 Though published reports have only detailed one confirmed sighting of what is considered to be the latest, and possibly best, counterfeit US$100 note, it appears that the newest "Supernote" has already been deployed in the field. Compliance officers at international banks should alert their front line staff of the threat, lest they accept for deposit quantities of the Series 2006 bill.

The November, 2017 South Korea sighting of the first banked 2006 Supernote is instructive, because conclusive identification of that note was only accomplished after a team of bank technicians experienced with counterfeits pored over the bill at length. This means that traditional techniques could fail to spot the bills as they are deposited.

We have a report from Singapore, where multi million dollar lots of the new Supernote are currently being offered to criminal syndicates, at the cost of fifty cents for each one hundred dollar face value. We have confirmation that the notes offered are indeed Series 2006. Previously, North Korea passed the Supernote through its embassies abroad, taking advantage of the diplomatic immunity granted to deliveries of DPRK goods to its Embassies, such as the one in in Singapore.

A number of the more advanced anti-counterfeiting features were not introduced until after 2006; they include raised 3-d printing, the bell hiding in the inkwell, and pale blue background color. Apparently these were impossible to duplicate,  so the counterfeiters chose to rely upon the last series without enhanced protection, the Series 2006. Needless to say, these are bills ostensibly printed more than a decade ago, but the counterfeits are in mint, uncirculated condition.

We cannot say why the US Secret Service, which has jurisdiction over counterfeiting of American currency, or any other regulatory or law enforcement agency, has failed to publish a warning on the 2006 bill, but I would advise banks to seriously consider taking steps to block deposits of that series, both at the teller window, and at an Automatic Teller Machine (ATM).