Kenneth Rijock

Kenneth Rijock

Sunday, November 20, 2016


The ongoing investigation into the role played by Leon Frazer & Associates, Inc., Director, William "Bill" Tynkaluk, in the massive $450m theft of securities and cash, in a case popularly known as the Cayman Gang of Four scandal, has confirmed that Tynkaluk was a full participant in the theft and fraud. He is now being considered a member of the Cayman Gang of Four, for the purposes of both criminal, & civil, liability, along with his company, Leon Frazer & Associates, Inc., of Ontario, Canada.

The evidence collected to date reportedly shows:

(1) William Tynkaluk has been a close personal friend, as well as business associate, of both cashiered Dundee Bank President, the canadian Derek Buntain, and former Senior Vice President, Sharon Lexa Lamb (who has been known under a variety of other aliases, in Bermuda and in the Isle of Man). He conspired with Lamb and Buntain, to first frighten elderly Leon Frazer clients into moving their wealth out of Canada, and into the brass-plate offshore Dundee Merchant Bank, (which is also known as Dundee Bank), and them to move that wealth, illegally, and without authorization of client knowledge, into B & C Capital Ltd. he failed to disclose that relationship to his clients, as well as the illegal financial rewards that he was to receive, for giving bogus tax advice, about a purported tax law change in Canada, that would adversely affect his clients; It was a total fraud from the beginning.

Ryan Bateman, Sharon Lamb, Derek Buntain

(2) William Tynkaluk who was the personal wealth manager, and financial adviser to the pensioner clients, also knew well the fugitive stock fraudster, Canadian Ryan Bateman, who had a prior history of stock fraud in the Province of Alberta. He assured his clients that B & C capital was safe, and a financial institution, which was a material misstatement of fact. As their financial adviser, he has a fiduciary responsibility to protect his clients' assets, and to conduct due diligence into any future repository of client finds. He utterly failed, because he was in business with Bateman, Lamb & Buntain, to steal his own clients' money and securities. He also knew that Bateman was a career criminal, and that there were fraudulent statements made, to the clients, by Northland Wealth Management, Inc., the subsequent wealth managers of the victims, regarding B & C, which deception Tynkaluk assisted in.

Therefore, inasmuch as the evidence collected confirms that Tynkaluk was an active co-conspirator in the Gang's fraudulent scheme, we must include him, as a full member of the crew of the Cayman Gang of Four, and expect him to meet the same justice as will eventually be meted out to the others.

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